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Strategic Map Editing. (SOLVED)

Mon, 19 February 2024 17:33

I managed to put my own map in game with a basically working grid. Needless to say the original towns are still there. What do I need to edit to move and rename them? Also, since the original mines are shown it's self evident that that piece of graphic isn't driven by the strategic map image. Does anybody know if the thing is handled automatically, or we're talking about editing a dedicated file? Thanks in advance.
I almost forgot the main question: In my hipotetical mod there is no OMERTA and the player will start in another sector anyway. I found the file with the starting sector tile but the sector isn't specified. This is NOT hardcoded, right?!?

EDIT: I found it by chance while looking for other stuff. Sorry folks, I'm still trying to find my way through all this. Anyway, the path:


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Scroll blockers?!? Or anything of the like..(solved!)

Sat, 17 February 2024 21:46

I managed to put a working test map in game, but I can see the jagged map borders. I remember I read somewhere there's a scroll blocker of some sort, but I can't find anything about it in the tutorials (or the mapper). Any pointers?

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Jagged Alliance 2 - German Patch for GOG/Steam 1.12

patch for english ja2 (v1.12) from GOG/Steam to german ja2 (v1.12.1); Wed, 14 February 2024 23:23

As far as I know, the JA2-versions available at places like GOG or Steam currently are only available in english

Recently I found a patch that, if applied, turns the english JA2 (v1.12 a.k.a. "gold") into a german version

Texts, interfaces, voices, etc will be in german with patch applied and the brothel will be uncensored again (it got censored with version 1.12)

patch description:

Nach der Installation des Patches ist das Spiel mit deutschen Texten und deutscher Sprachausgabe spielbar.

Dieser Patch enthält alle relevanten Dateien, um die GoG-Version von Jagged Alliance 2 auf Deutsch spielen zu können.

Das Spiel ist auf 1.12.1 gepatcht, den ich 2017 auf Basis des Source Codes exklusiv für das dt. GoG-Forum erstellt hatte - und nun auch auf CompiWare verfügbar ist. 

Patch 1.12.1 enthält kleinere Textkorrekturen. Außerdem kann man das Bordell wieder in vollen Zügen genießen. Das wurde nämlich mit Version 1.12 zensiert.
It's an installer, must point to directory where your (english) JA2 is installed

This way, it's possible to play JA2-gold (v1.12) in german

link to downloadpage:

Jagged Alliance 2 - German Patch (at

Thanks to user Zyankali for creating this patch

It seems to be developed for GOG-version, but when I used it with my version from Steam, it worked as well

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Latest town made?

Wed, 14 February 2024 10:49

It's at least 2 years and a half that I don't play AIMNAS. Alma and Grumm weren't done. Can anybody share the current state of the mod?
(Yes, I know the mod isn't finished and it's 2 years that Smeagle dos not show up.)

AIMNAS | 2 comments

Civilians behaviour during fights.

Can it be edited?; Tue, 13 February 2024 05:18

Currently I'm playing Arulco vacations and my main gripe is civilan turns during gunfights: theyr turns takes forever and they are constantly on the line of fire. I know some mods changed that behaviour to speed up civilans turn, Smeagle's AIMNAS comes to my mind. I don't expect to be easy, but: can it be done without dismantling the whole game?

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Crash while perusing Bobby ray.

Mon, 12 February 2024 00:01

According to the 14 pages long bug thread, it's a bug that was squashed some time ago. This leads me to a question: Did I download the latest release? I downloaded 1.11 directly from AV blog. Is there actually a stable 1.12? If so where can I download it? Thanks in advance.

Arulco Vacations | 2 comments

Tony's quest spoiler needed. (Solved)

Where's the video cassette?; Sun, 11 February 2024 03:47

I combed the sector and could not find the cassette. Does anybody know where it is?
Also, I just entered San Mona and loyalty is 5%: I don't even get the dialogue about Brensa. Is finding the cassette enough to accesss Tony?
Thx in advance.

Edit for those interested: It's at the very entrance of the Shady Lady, I.E. the last place I searched..

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Facilities in training/student

Wed, 31 January 2024 14:06

Do the facilities like airport in Drassen help with practice assignment only or does it give a bonus to training/student as well, same way as the shooting range in Alma helps with both?

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How to add additional music to JA2 1.13

Mon, 29 January 2024 22:02

As of commit bb63cb9 [2024/01/29]
Additional music can be added to the game by placing sound files into Data subfolder named "Music" following this naming convention:


Different music modes are:
Mainmenu_      <-- Mainmenu music
Laptop_        <-- Laptop music
Tactical_      <-- Tactical with nothing special going on
Enemy_         <-- Tactical, enemy present
EnemyNight_    <-- Tactical, enemy present, nighttime
Battle_        <-- Tactical, enemy present and visible
BattleNight_   <-- Tactical, enemy present and visible, nighttime
Victory_       <-- Battle victory
Death_         <-- Battle defeat
Creepy_        <-- Tactical, creatures present
CreepyBattle_  <-- Tactical, creatures present and visible

Music files can be .mp3, .ogg or .wav formats and 100 songs in each category is supported. The running numbering starts from 00
so for example:

A few filenames are treated in a special way to facilitate easy replacement of original music. To replace original music, insert the following named files into the Music folder
"menumix1"        <-- Mainmenu music
"marimbad 2"      <-- Laptop music
"nothing A"       <-- Tactical with nothing special going on
"nothing B"
"nothing C"
"nothing D"
"tensor A"        <-- Tactical, enemy present
"tensor B"
"tensor C"
"triumph"         <-- Battle victory
"death"           <-- Battle defeat
"battle A"        <-- Tactical, enemy present and visible
"battle B"        <-- Tensor B is also used as battle music, this will replace it from battle music tracks, but still keep it in enemy present
"creepy"          <-- Tactical, creatures present
"creature battle" <-- Tactical, creatures present and visible

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Adjusting enemy vision

Tue, 16 January 2024 17:11

How do I adjust the enemy vision settings? It seems like after getting your first sniper rifle, it is enough just to sit and wait for the enemy to run towards you on outdoor maps.

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