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what's the undersling grenade launcher? If it's installed in a gun, does it allow you to shoot grenades? How do you use it? thanks
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Pretty much like that yes.

You attach it to the weapon, take a 40mm grenade (they may have a different name) and attach it.
Then you press the burst-button (or B) until you see a different icon on the weapon.
With the talon installed you will have three modes of fire, single shot, burst and grenade. When the grenade mode is selected you use the crosshair (similar to throwing crosshair) and press left mouse button to launch the grenade
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Remember that it takes two weapon attachment slots to use the underslung grenade launcher. One slot holds the launcher, one slot holds the grenade.
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I rather just throw a Gnad... two attachments that could be used for something more useful.
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There was something about the UGL being able to fire when crouched/prone.
(1.13 has a crouched nade-anim)
A grenadier has to stand up, might be interupted.

A small exploit:
Attaching a 40mm grenade to a launcher costs 5APs.
(you'll right click on the launcher/weapon+UGL and drop the nade in a slot)
The 5APs are 'substracted' from your characters-'reserve' when you close the big-item-screen.

If you have 16 aps, you can attach a nade and move around for 11 aps.
But when you don't close the big-item screen: you still have enough APs left to launch the nade.
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if you right click on the Talon so you can see it's 4 inventory slots (same as seeing gun attachments) you can load a gernade into that attachment slot screen and then mount the talon to your gun so it is only takeing 1 attachment slot... (reloading it should be done outside of combat)

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