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Key duplication bug[message #201636] Fri, 14 November 2008 16:26

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I just came to think of this, which is something I noticed long ago, but since found a sollution to and thus not thought more about.

In some areas there are multiple keys of the same kind. Although the game doesn't seem to want it that way, but rather only one key of each type (this includes Skipper's key-card). This will show when you have for example several "shiny key" and only one "prison key". If you put for example the "prison key" on a key ring (which ring doesn't matter, and you can even remove it directly because the game seems to remember what key was last on the ring) and then put any keys on it that you have more than one of these other keys will all turn into "prison key" or whatever key you had last on the ring. At first this will seem like a way to duplicate keys, but since this bug will mess with your keys until you have as few as possible of each kind I suggest you do the following:

Put one of the singular key-types on the ring and then change all duplicates to that type. Then leave all the duplicates in an area, or toss them in the trash can. Then you will have no problem with the keys changing back and forth between types ("prison key", "shiny key", "key card" and so on) since you will only have one of each.

Of course if you're careful this bug can be used to your advantage. Wink

(EDIT: I'm sorry if this has been posted about before but I couldn't find anything with the search function.)

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