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Here's a link to a small plain vanilla UB mod. Something to pass the time until something better comes along, like Vengeance Reloaded.


Feedback welcome.

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Oh man you need a flash course in mod presentation... Very Happy

Nobody is going to notice this if there's no details, no screenshots... At least post the briefing:

!!!IMPORTANT BRIEFING!!! March, 2019

Deputy Commander Morris has taken control of the entire countryside. He has rounded up most of the civilians from Varrez and has shipped them out of the country as slave labor. Many more have ended up behind bars. It was rumored that when Betty Fung refused to leave her franchise, she was machine gunned and her store was burned to the ground, along with any other occupants. Morris also captured some gun runner named Raul, including his entire cache of weapons, ammo and other assets. It is reported that in a fit of rage, he then annihilated what remained of Varrez.

Morris has also destroyed most of the bridges in the country, and blocked off most roads and highways. The only remaining road to the rocket base is long and hard and very well guarded.

It has been reported that a lone wolf soldier has deserted and has been spotted in the vicinity of the guard post, which is to the east of your landing zone. Enemy soldiers are actively hunting for him. He may join your team if you can rescue him in time, and could prove to be valuable.

You can leave your laptop behind. Since Varrez has been destroyed, you will not be able to purchase any spare parts, nor will you be able to recruit any new mercs. You will be on your own until you complete your mission.

Morris has made sure that his soldiers have been well trained and equipped. They are tough, determined and fearless. However, the more successful you are, the more this could work to your advantage. The better equipped they are, the better equipped you will become once you defeat them. If you defeat them.

On the plus side, we have heard that a strange illness has swept through Morris

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Right you are, and thanks very much. :cheers:

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I have been (wisely) advised by others to provide more information, and they are quite right, so here it is. Sorry I didn't do this at first.

This mod was constructed with a basic idea in mind: what would it be like to play UB if there was no Varrez. Yes, it appears on the map, but there is no access to the town. That means no Betty Fung, no laptop fix, no way to hire additional mercs, and no Raul. You will have to play the entire mod with whoever you hire from the start. It is a challenge, but it should not be a problem, as I have included a means for you to increase your starting funds, which means you can hire the very best right away. This is not difficult (instructions are included), and you should do this.

INSTALLATION: Install a fresh copy of Unfinished Business. I was advised that Vista, Win 7 or Win 8 users should not take the default install to C:\Program files or C:\Program files(x86). Install instead to something like C:\Games, or D:\Games.

After installation, make sure you patch the game to version 1.01.

After downloading the mod files, copy the .zip folder to \JA2UB. Unzip the files then copy the folder named The Long Road to JA2UB\Data\Campaigns. The remaining files\folders should be under \JA2UB and above the \Data folder. IMPORTANT: Please read the two files in the README folder.

Be sure to run the "Set JA2UB Campaign.exe" file before you start the game, then select The Long Road.

Thanks to Scheinworld for letting me include his "Slay_as_IMP" files, which allows you to hire Slay as your imp merc. Follow his instructions in the Slay folder if you want to do this.

Hope you enjoy playing this mod. Do not expect a walk in the park. Very Happy

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