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Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
I am sure most of us have tried this game.
Now I found a mod being made, so check it out here.
I am going to have install game again now Cool
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Location: Scotland
Want to give us an idea what the mod does ? Also , hows the game looking these days .

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lockie, ye scunner, 'fraid of clicking the link, huh? Razz

I got the balls for it, and here you go:


This mod was originally ment for S2 (first franchise in SS series), but due to loss of the data base i had to abandon it. Almost a year have passed since that time and i`m once again eager to make this project see the world. However, with all the new database and stuff i decided to move to SS3 (Sentinels) game due to all its cool trading and armour thingies.

So, the mod. It takes place in a distant future in the world devastated by nuclear war. The origin of this war is now a mystery, but rumors are there that a series of well-planned terrorist bombings and assasinations triggered all the havoc out there resulting in world wide nuclear war.

The world suffered greatly after this war. Not just because the 90% of the surface is now covered in radiated dust and sand. Those who were killed in the initial blasts were lucky enough to avoid the hunger, deseases and violence that reaped through the survivors. But not all were doomed to survive on their own in the ruins of the civilisation - a couple of military, scientific and political groups escaped to old nuclear shelters and sealed themselves until the better times.

You are playing as a sergant in Shelter Security Special Forces (ShelSec for short). You start the game in a wasteland in commnad of a small patrol squad that just got ambushed by a group of bandits...

The other missions will take place in ruined cities, in underground shelters and warehouses, in city metro stations, vaults and simply in the wastes. Constant engagements with bandits, raiders and other bad guys will very fast switch to deadly battles with terrorists who were responsible for the Nuke-War and the new wasted world. Mission types will vary from raids and defences, to rescue operations and assasinations.

The equipment will be very scarce. You`ll have to loot anything from the battlefield. There will be lots of random encounters with intact buildings, stashes and bunkers as well as scenario based missions that contain valuable loot. Most places will require engineer with high enough lockpicking and mine clearing skills. Others will be guarded by some forces. The store will provide you with some limited basic military-grade stuff like 10mm pistols and smgs and 6mm assault rifles.

Version 0.1 (16.01.2014): http://www.strategycore.co.uk/forums/topic/10186-a-post-nuclear-mod-for-s3-sentinels/ (~38mb)

What is in this version?

- global map representing a small area of devastated world
- chapter map for the initial missions and randoms
- 3 consequent campaign missions
- two random encounter regions (with 12 slightly different maps)
- retextured and remade mercs and player units (with new equipment)
- completely new weapons (around 50 different combinations)
- completely new grenades that can be thrown very far and deal greater damage that original
- weapon customisation system available in armory
- completely new shop inventory that has everything (mostly everything) that was made for the game
- military allies present at every missions
- a couple of new hints, journal entries and dialogues
- an attempt to recreate a devastated world of the post-nuclear future

Looks pretty cool, maybe I should start digging after my copy of the game, if I can find some time to actually sit down and play it.

EDIT: The picture links wont copy correctly, please use the link provided by in the OP.

JUDITH:And here's some more pictures, I'm really getting an urge.

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Registered:February 2006
Location: Scotland
Looks good !
Nah , wasn't scared , it was tea-time and ma wee darling was whispering gently ..... GET YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE NOW !


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Registered:January 2013
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
I have the mod installed, just not really tried it yet.
Forcing myself to finish Shadowrun Returns before starting anything else, tell a lie playing The Fall at the same time.
I own Silent Storm now in retail, GOG and Steam, using win7 64 and 8 gig ram, game runs pretty good. I remember back in the day my rig could barely run the game. I did have to find a fix for having no shadows though, easy fix.

The guy who made the mod is asking for players to forward ideas, but me I am just a player and user of fine mods. Now you guys...are just full of ideas Smile
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