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I thought I remembered some discussion here about 7,62 (and Brigade E5 before that) but I can't find it so I'm going to start a new thread.

I picked it up cheaply on Steam and have enjoyed my time so far but I find the wandering around the maps looking for containers terrible. So far I've just gone through the 5 cities in the original safe zone picking up quests and building up cash. Will the ratio of interesting tactical combat to running around in cities change?

Also, what do I do with the bundle of cash ($10k) that I picked up? It doesn't see to go to my cash on hand total like other money I find. Nor can I deposit it in the bank.

What do I do with the bank account number I get at the completion of a quest? I can't find any way to access the funds (Blue Sun Mod quest)?
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Once you go down one of the faction paths, you'll travel a lot outside the zone and do a good amount of shooting.

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Something of a tricky game to get into but you'll be having a fun time once you score some decent gear and a team o' killers.
A lot of walkthroughs, let's plays and FAQs out there. Google is your friend.

I'd recommend that you get the Blue Sun mod. Fixes a lot of broken stuff (these Russian games, I tell ya), adds a ton of quests, mercs and items.

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Do as DB says, travel outside the safe zone and get ambushed, you'll get better gear and money selling the loot, and your merc's will get better. You can set the timer for how often you get ambushed in the gamedir\ini\BlueSunMod.ini file, if you find the encounters happening too often/seldom. The entries in question is named MinTimeTillEnc and MaxTimeTillEnc. Like JA2 1.13, the BlueSunMod.ini offers a wide range of tweakable things to tailor the game more to your liking, so go nuts.

Since the OP bought the game on Steam, he's probably already aware of this Steam thread , but for others looking for hints this link is a good start.

Remember to have fun, and for Bob's sake, save often :laugh:

EDIT: Bank-account number at the end of a quest? What mission and which NPC offers this?

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