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San Hermanos being as small as it is, I've started pondering where else this soon-to-be-AIM business could make a name for itself.

http://i.imgur.com/7ztYKgw.png You make a call. A familiar Russian voice greets you, eloquent as ever...
"Yes. Let me tell you about the old country."

Ah yes, why not go to Russia? Solve a conflict or two, get into some trouble.

Ivan may have some leads on where to find some good, dangerous work. Don't you think?

Or maybe a developing urban city like Danubia could do with some help. There's always chaos to be had with such endeavors. Rumors speak of a certain Jack of Spades running a ring of organized crime over there, standing in the way of any further construction. Could go find out what that's all about.

Or, if the heat of San Hermanos was your thing, there's always something going on in the Congo. Just be sure to bring a wildlife specialist. Things can get crazy in the jungle.

Any thoughts on where you'd like to go, Commander?

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>Any thoughts on where you'd like to go, Commander?

1. Well, as soon as the iron curtain is coming down and the Sovjet Union falls apart, there should surely be lots of opportunity for "private security professionals". But who knows when that will happen?

2. Rumor has it, that there is a tropical island somewhere near San Hermanos, where a unique kind of tree with wonderous abilities grows due to nuclear testing in the past. It probably will draw the attention of interested parties, intent on securing this unique resource for themselves sooner or later.
A potential source of future conflict?

3. Africa is a notorious hotbed of instability and constant violence. Thus, lots of international corporations are in regular need of professional security services to deal with unruly natives, corrupt governments and competitors. Africa is a continent with little laws and regulations, but lots of corruption and omnipresent violence - and thus opportunity for the daring entrepreneur. Also there is a giant and very dynamic black market for military goods, blood diamonds as well as for "human resources" of any kind.
There is always someone threatened by some brutal warlord in need of disposing, no?

3. The intelligence experts say there's trouble brewing in the Balkans again. Too many different nationalities, cultures and religions not very fond of each other, forced to live too close together in a crowded, fractured area. It is only a question of time until the next spark falls into the Balkans powder keg.

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