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Space Hulk Ascension Edition released[message #337960] Mon, 24 November 2014 21:06 Go to next message
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So, some of you may have noticed that Full Control released the Space Hulk Ascension Edition (Aka. Space Hulk 2.0) recently.

And the reviews from critics and gamers alike are rather favorable: http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/space-hulk-ascension-edition

Indeed, after having played it, i can say that the Ascension Edition is what i personally had hoped for Space Hulk to be from the very start. It adds most, if not all the features that were felt direly lacking in the first Space Hulk game and actually now makes for an expansive and engaging experience.

So, a LOT of work and polishing has gone into turning a pretty basic and anemic game into a title actually worth paying money for.

The only aspect that is still lacking in my opinion is the sound design and overall atmosphere. Full Control seems lacking a good audio designer, who can actually support the decent graphics and presentation with the right sounds to create a dense and dramatic atmosphere that draws you in, ruining a lot of immersion. A problem repeated in JA:F.

So i personally hope, that Full Control will also show as much post release support, care and development for JA:F, then there's a chance that we will actually get the game we always expected here. Because with Space Hulk Ascension Edition they have demonstrated, that they are actually able to produce quite decent games, given the necessary time.

Anyways, if you like the turn based tactics of Space Hulk, but were turned off by the barebones quality and lack of content of the first release, then you can buy this one without a thought and support Full Control financially for further JA:F development.

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Yes, they did a good job on this new Space Hulk iteration. Can they do the same for JA:F? I hope so, but i'm afraid those had different path, and won't have the same destiny.
Space hulk had this new iteration because the first one sold (i guess) well, they managed to catch an audience and appeal them in their path. I'm not sure JA:F had the same welcome. If they don't have an audience to sell a JA:F DLC/expansion/sequel, they won't do it.

As a customer, i act the way you are promoting : I bought Ascension to support FC, in hope for a better JA:F. However, i fear it may be counter productive in the end. If done at a larger scale, it may promote Space hulk more than JA:F, making it a more appealing licence for FC, as it sells better. And by the way, all money is good for FC, but it's possible that each project revenues shall profit only to itself, not the other.

Apart of these pessimistic thoughts, i really hope JA:F will have such a follow up.

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Re: Space Hulk Ascension Edition released[message #337966] Mon, 24 November 2014 22:25 Go to previous message
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Ascension is just a sign FC have reached a level of maturity as a studio and they're capable of delivering good products, despite of all naysayers.

Which translates in better hopes for JA:F.

The key is in delivering on their second BIG promise - empowering and supporting the modders. It won't provide them with an instant relief, since good things take time and big mods will take a while to come, but once the ball starts rolling there's no telling how far it will roll...

I just hope they keep their positive attitude and open mind. They assumed this hard launch, after all.

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