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Proof of concept: JA2 in 3D[message #341955] Tue, 04 August 2015 20:53 Go to next message

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Because I wanted to see whether it would work, I began making JA2 3D. Turns out it does aww

With the current code, it's easy to raise/lower terrain to whatever you want. Assuming 50 pixels represent 2 meters, we have 1.3 km to work with in each direction.
The AI is somewhat adapted to this - pathfinding etc. works. It just doesn't take altered terrain into its 'higher' functions.
Destroying terrain works just fine. As seen above, explosions can leave real craters, depending on explosion force, floor type and whatever else I code in.
This doesn't even require a change to map format - you could load any savegame (made with unstable after r6070) with this.

There are, however, several outstanding issues with this
  • adapting the AI to make full use of this,
  • altering undocumented assembler code leftover from Sirtech for less confusing graphics,
  • getting some poor lad to alter all graphic tilesets in a specific way,
  • finding a solution to mouse behavior on raised/lowered floor,
  • adapting animations
  • loads of other issues.
All doable, but I'll leave it at this. And no, this won't go into any release, and I won't release any exes with this. Because I say so angel

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If you want, you can donate to me. This will not affect how and what I code, and I will not code specific features in return. I will be thankful though.

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Registered:May 2009
Interesting. Unfortunately it doesn't look too well because of the tile structures so better leave it as it is now. Two floors is enough "blocks" and JA2 is not minecraft. ;)

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I agree, it looks interesting, but that's about it. Only thing I see that would be beneficial from this would be trenches and small hills. But the amount of work that would be needed to implement this is rather spent on some of the other interesting stuff we discussed this weekend.

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This would be quite nice for multileveled buildings. I always found it strange that All Arulco's buildings are 1 storey high. The mouse manipulation part can just be done the same way X-COM and even the current JA2 does it. Just make it so that you'll have an increase and decrease level buttons and whatever level you're at is what you can manipulate and any obstructing things above the level you're at (or even just everything above it) should be either transparent or outright invisible.
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Registered:March 2004
I'm impressed!. Finally, I saw something I was talking about for years. Something you can do. Something freshening game. Give her new strength.
This is great

Many thanks to all those who make new features for Jagged Alliance 2.

New mod + new map (JA2 map with Drassen, Omerta, Cambria etc, edited or not-it has been repeatedly ) with large sectors + two additional levels + a lot of new tileset + moving vehicles = fun for months, years. Fun with creation, fun playing this mod.
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Graphically, it looks a lot like Towns the game the way it's done. That uses mousewheel to change focus levels, and anything above the current level is hidden. That method is annoying because you can't see entire buildings unless you're at the highest level, and when you're there, you don't have 100% functionality of the ground level. Someone's suggestion about using XCOM's method sounds pretty good, I think it *mostly* avoids the issues seen with Towns.

I can't tell from the video how high the layers are, but I'd recommend going with 2m or 1m levels to start (1 story or 1/2 story). 0.5m at least. Anything smaller doesn't seem like it'd be useful at all. If you start out with 1-story levels, it seems to me it'd be a lot easier to implement incrementally.

I'm curious to know which "higher functions" the AI wouldn't currently support. And by "altered terrain" does that mean all of the fortifications and stuff that's possible with current mods?

Regardless of how it's done, this is definitely a mod I'd enjoy.
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about the trenches i find it kind of useful, there could be added shovels and pickaxes to dig trenches and with the barbed wire that could be useful to make ourselves a pretty base. and about the minecraft thing, may not be now. but would be nice to make a small base in a empty sector, you know. buy some stuff and place some tents and stuff, set up a camp, would be useful.

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Mmmm, Trenches.

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