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So sitting in the swamps south of Drassen guarding the city, my entire team of mercs got hit by malaria and typhus. I figured out how to diagnose the exact disease but how exactly do I treat it? The 'treatment' option just keeps flashing red (for doctors and non-doctors) so that's not a solution. I've tried setting everyone to 'patient' and then a medic to 'doctor' and I get the 'task done' responses but but it's not removing the actual disease.

There doesn't seem to be a posting on the disease system (or I missed it). Solutions?
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TL;DR - Ignore the task done responses for Doctor/Patient and they'll be done when Patient flashes red.

See last posts in there - I asked the same questions and got a straightforward answer.
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Would there be a way to not have them claim they're fine when they're still being treated? - I guess since 3 years later it's still there that's non trivial to do - but maybe it's just that it's not thaat bad - or maybe not enough people play with diseases on...
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Haven't actually spent a lot of time on adding disease fix related items. Might put that on my to do list, if you guys really want to play with disease (I usually have it turned off, that's why I didn't bother with it yet).

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Description I found in the Disease-Thread:


Treatment is ment to cure Plaque in Cities. Only.

Not burrying the dead will increase infection risk. Swamp and tropical sectors are infection-sides. So searching for skyrider has a high risk, but there aren't that many swamp sectors etc. later on.

Diagnose can be done by a doctor (or any background where diagnosis-ability is set).

Cure for mercs is via Doctor/Patient. However, curing just starts after normal injuries are completely healed (HP=100). The Cambria Hospital can cure, too.

The best way to minimize the infection risk are surgigal gloves and facial mask being in the inventory. Can be bought at BR. If you order them before stroling through the swamps while hunting down skyrider, things get much less annoying.

I'd say, few of those masks and gloves are the only things that might needed to be placed early on.

I'm using disease with (custom) AR, meaning late BR, and still like it (added those gloves to maps). So if you ever find time to add those to AIMNAS at least me would like you doing so. happy

I need more details.

(Didi Hallervorden)
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