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Hi all,

I love the tension that can be created in the game with the Counterattacks, Enrico's emails, resource constraints, Crepitus etc.

But what about adding another competing faction into the mix that you have to fight for a share of the revolutionary resources?

Lets call them the Arulcoean People's Revolutionary Front, or maybe the People's Revolutionary Front of Arulco. happy (PRFA).


The PRFA could start in a Famland or bush sector with a house (Similar to hillbillies). They raise troops from the countryside and attack cities and capture mines in competion with the player.

The player could talk to the leader of the PRFA and make alliances or issue threats. The relationship with the PRFA would determine whether the player troops can move through PRFA occupied territory etc.

PRFA could rely on Kingpin and/or Hillbillies for resources so if the player kills either group this could anger the PRFA and affect the relationship.

This could open up a number of strategic possibilities such as letting the PRFA take over a sector and then attacking them immeidtaley after while they are recovering from the fight.

The PRFA would have roving troops as well that would trigger battles with the player if the relationship was negative.

THis all sounds great I hear you cry but how the hell would we code this?

Disclaimer - I'm not a coder and I'm not familiar with the meta structure of the code and how it is all put together so my suggestions are only high level and probably very ignorant.

For the Tactical layer could we clone and modify/reskin either the Kingpin or Hillbilly Code and drop them into a empty sector.

For the strategic layer (and this is where the idea needs some serious programming oversight) could we create a new instance of the Queen code and use that to control the actions of the PRFA? Thereby we would have all the functions of the queen for the PRFA.

Downside is that adding a third party would add complexity into the code with the Queen having to fight both the Player but also the PRFA. And the PRFA having to battle the Queen and the Player.

Thinking about it this sounds more like a mod than an optional function of the main game but still thought I would float the idea.
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We already have such rebel group in the game which we help and join forces. The background of JA2 doesn't support a multi rebel group environment in my opinion.

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While civil wars in general operate on the principle of 'the more the merrier', I have to agree that the fluff doesn't really lend itself to a second major rebel faction as an independent actor, particularly the kind of radical republican/socialist guys your name would imply. They would however make a great comic relief if done as a one-off group somewhere in the typical armchair revoluzzer, Che-shirt&pot satirical fashion.
If we want an additional faction that's active on a strategic level, King Pin would be a better starting point. If we play the whole international drug cartel angle, they could certainly go toe to toe with the Queen on a resource level and maybe even try to take over Arulco outright as a safe haven once she's been weakened a fair bit by the player.

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It is possible to do some of what you want, and I have already done that in Arulco Vacations. You can create a civilian faction, arm and equip them, tie them to a named NPC, and have them go hostile if the Player attacks them or the named NPC. They will keep re-spawning (unless other precautions are taken) and attack the Player when the Player comes into their sectors. We can even give them simple dialogue so if the Player talks with them before they go hostile the Player can understand what the faction stands for.

What we can't do at this time is give them real dialogue and the power to make strategic decisions as the Queen does. That would be nice, but I doubt if anyone who is coding will code this.

In AV, using an idea thrown out by Flugente, I gave T-Rex (Jasmin, the U.S. militia terrorist) a militia of indigenous people who are neither on the Queen's side, nor Miguel's side ("We don't want a Queen or a King!") -- as it is entirely realistic that the oppressed indigenous people of Arulco (over in the Chitzena area) would want to overthrow completely the colonial powers that control their land and cause so much grief and bloodshed.

As well, I gave Tony a bigger operation by uniting him with his gun smugglers out in the country -- and they too will turn hostile if you attack Tony or any of them.

So, yes, I think there's room for more faction depth in JA2, and a deeper plot within the original story, but I don't see the code happening that will make it possible.

EDIT: I should also add that I also made it possible to recruit T-Rex, and theoretically that would put his militia on your side . . . but unfortunately neutral factions (as they start out) do not attack the Queen's forces when the Queen attacks their associated named NPC. As well, you can't make a new faction that starts hostile to the Queen.

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