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With so many communities and people contributing to making JA2 better, through v1.13, there's enough ideas, mods and manpower to create a whole new game!

  • Create a new brand new and improved game.
  • Open source, to allow everyone to improve it, keeping true to v1.13 spirit.
  • Open source license; the community owns the game
  • For all platforms; android, ios, pc & mac; did I mention mobile?
  • New story
  • New guns
  • New characters
  • New vehicles
  • Modern warfare; [attack/spy/bomber] drones, stealth choppers, F32's jet fighters, TANKS, aircraft carriers, submarines...intercontinental missiles...MODERN!
  • Of course, mercs can ride/use the new vehicles
  • Modern armor; robotic suits, exo-exoskeleton armor suits...armors, suits, and mecha (like gundam) from the near-tech-future
  • Space-era empire option; spy satellites; spaceships, deathstar..etc. And perhaps [also] conquer galaxies?
  • New recipes (merging, mixing, repairing cars)
  • New troop types (jet fighter pilot, atomic radiology specialist [a-bombs], saucer developer...death star tech [to create a deathstar]...etc)
  • New everything
  • Similar look and feel!!!...but improved for 4K-resolution

And the list of improvements and ideas can keep growing.
As for the name, here's an idea: MERCENARY WARS

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I'm not entirely sure this isn't a troll-post, but for clarity: you are essentially asking the community (which is not clearly defined) to create an entirely new game. That is a stupid mount of work just from the coding part. And no, 'use Unity/Unreal engine' does not help, as a game is much more than just an engine. It's a tremendous amount of work for several people which needs cooperation and coordination, which would be very hard to pull off with a loosely based community of people that can vanish at any point and are unaccountable.

Apart from that, what would that really accomplish? It would take years to reach the state that vanilla was in, let alone 1.13. Sure, I'd really like some new things - a truly 3D JA, for example. But, you know, I won't put several years of my life into that ;-)

I'm very well aware that it is extremely unlikely a game developer is going to release a new JA game, after all the failures of the last years.

I know now that it could never work between us, as much as we wanted to, it could never be! Not because you're a rabbit, but because you're black.

If you want, you can donate to me. This will not affect how and what I code, and I will not code specific features in return. I will be thankful though.

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