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Gopas wrote on Wed, 26 April 2017 17:47
Next up is the matter of the attachments. In previous version of the AV mod , i was able to attach a scope, a reflex or red dot sight and a laser sight/rifle lam/lam-200. That's 3 attachments on the top row of the attachment slots on the weapon. Now i know that most modern rifles have attachment points for picatinny rails(which allow for extra attachments that don't normally come with the gun) and other attachment points as well. In the final version of the mod, it is not allowed to have a scope attached AND something in the middle slot. Why ? for the sake of realism ? What about the dot(.) key to alternate scope modes, meaning the attachments, scope or reflex sight for instance. It is a great option which becomes obsolete now. Let's say that a specific merc has a shot (line of sight is another issue but that is ok, there must be some realism even if it's a game,that's what makes it so likable) but he needs to change scope modes, no can do, so he changes attachments manually , wasting most of his action points and next round the target has moved out of view or range angry. Am i being wrong here or doing something wrong ? Please advice.

Hi Gopas, just to clarify since I've been playing the most recent AV version as well as the ones before - where exactly have attachment options changed?

Most AR's still accept Laser + Reflex + >4x Scope. I feel like there have been some adaptations, but being able to fix a reflex sight and a scope at the same time is a rare commodity indeed in real life. No gun accepts red dot sight or tritium-iron sights afaik, but I think that this just adds to the challenge of playing! If you can, please confirm that what you would like is to have a red dot/reflex + scope sights at the same time for all rifles, just to be sure I understood your question correctly.
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Hello dk2020
In stock 1.13 , the latest stable version, almost all assault rifles have 3 slots and sniper rifles 2 have 3,sniper rifles got an upgrade in the last AV version i used and they also got 3 slots for attachments. However, 3-4 days ago i've found the Final AV version is some page with downloads, and naturally downloaded it. In this final version, we still have 3 attachment points on the top of assault and sniper rifles but no longer we can have an attachment in all 3 slots, the middle slot remains empty unless we remove the scope manually during battle and replace it with one of the middle slot attachments, such as : red dot sight, reflex sight, tritium sights,etc. The front slot remains unaffected (laser sight,rifle-Lam,etc).

I agree with you that having multiple attachments in real life is not all that common. I am only asking because in the stock 1.13 and the previous AV versions all 3 attachments were allowed and we could switch scope modes by tapping the dot(.) key without spending precious action points during battle. After all it's a game, which also has a sci-fi mode, no need to be 100% realistic happy. At any rate it's not a big deal, i am asking mostly out of curiosity. I can always play the previous version, just wondering if i am missing out on any features and which ones happy

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Feedback and different viewpoints are always welcome. When modding I can sometimes get tunnel vision on things, and Player feedback can help me stand back and take a fresh look at things. I know I need to tweak the attachments more, and player feedback will help me with that (and every aspect of the game).

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