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I am having troubles with the new chance-to-hit system. Everytime I am aiming at an enemy the range starts at the max. circle, regardless of the mercs marksmanship stat, moral, distance etc. unless I am using a scope. Every shot past 10 squares is almost a garuanted miss, even if I invest max. action points and it makes the game almost unplayable. It also makes no difference if I restart or clear a sector, the problem remains. I already restarted the game once because the problem doesn`t appear in the first few sectors, but now I am a few hours in and I really don`t want to start all over again.

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Hi there OrangE, sorry for the late reply...

If you are playing the NCTH (new chance to hit), the game relies mostly on burst fire and weapons with burst or full auto capabilities. For beginners it is recommended to use the OCTH system (old chance to hit), the vanilla version pretty much. That is the general idea, now i will explain a few things....

I am assuming that you are new to the JA2 experience, whether it's vanilla or 1.13, which is a must have, since it improves the game in so many ways and makes it a lot more interesting. The game can be frustrating at first because your starting team has mostly pistols or machine pistols. Here's the first tip .Hire a merc with a rifle for a day, keep him for as long as possible and when you fire him , keep his rifle.That way you'll have a weapon with at least medium range.It can be a huge help.
Other factors to hitting a target are agility, marksmanship, dexterity, wisdom and the merc's level. Prone position is best for accurate aiming. Scopes and bipods also help. Use cover as much as possible. In the game options (not the INI. Editor) there is an option about showing a chance to hit indicator, works great with OCTH. You can also disable the suppression setting in the INI Editor. It helps if you can suppress the enemy but if they suppress your team, they can close in and cut you to pieces. However, the choices are yours, it's your game, play it as you like. DO NOT give it up, it's an awesome game, it's been played since 1999 and still going strong, lots of replayability. Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it. I hope that this post helps a little.

Just another old soldier.
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