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New feature ideas[message #350084] Thu, 15 June 2017 21:01

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I'm posting it here because it's conected to bigmaps which is part of aimnas.
My ideas to improve gameplay expriences.

The Crates
All items known to player and not in use will be automaticly teleported to crate. Second function of crates is to store items in dedicated place of use, in that case multiple crate is required. All items can be accesible by sector inventory or by reaching & opening crate and militia is prohibited from making use of those items. But why such thing?
Normally militia get reissued with new gear everytime loading the sector, when they get better equimpent, they drop previous one in place of spawn. This look like everybody guards their small pile of stuff and also unaesthetic.
Enemy can reach that free-floating stuff and make bad use of it amd this prevents those situations.
Also weapons laying around might get damdaged by weather conditions as the time pass.
Idea is that crate can be put in safe place, making sure that no item can get accidently damdaged while battle is going on. Or opposite to previous, in place of need like: marksmen vantage point (rifle and binoculars) or fortified position (lmg barrels and rocket propeled granades). I understand that this feature is something not nessesary to gameplay and arguments be denied because actual system is not so bad. But it's good on paper, and if it game code could digest it, would be great.

Improvised Underground Safehouses
As it comes for non regular guerilla battles meant to be unpredictable, game not allow make full use of it even with helicopter. Safe spots being cities , old campaign territories and just newly slaughted hole in patrols movement. But when soldiers enter sector they can't just leave so fast, waiting out this is in real time is unendurable. Idea is to make possible to bulid up a concealed underground shelter so it work like underground sector. And like underground ones still can monitore enemy movement and to take time out to rest. Caves and mines are more common than in base game, but still it is not possible to outmanuver some patrols. Shelter look be like small basement or empty fuel tanker under ground level. Inside it will to concur from crate mentioned above and micro facilites allowing to rest and repair. This feature will greatly expand posibilities of working behind enemy lines, with no need to back directly to city after mission to play rest of fronts but to shelter to move out again faster. To not make things so easy they will be allowed to place few of them only in inhabited sectors minimum one sector from city bigger than 1 sector and specific amount titles from roads, lakes and rivers. This can be changed hovewer.

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