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Please help with Aimnas compatibility[message #352068] Thu, 18 January 2018 13:13 Go to next message
Registered:January 2018
So as far as i understand latest Aimnas with Bigmaps works well with newest SCI 1.13, but is not finished (sectors with no npcs, no items etc)

But old Aimnas is not compatible with newest SCI, so i need older version of 1.13.

Is there any way i can play good old wildfire maps, with newest 1.13 features (spy, radioman, ncth etc) but still have AImnas item mod installed? I would very appreciate that Aimnas weapons and CTH values would be in the game as well.

I jsut stumbled upon this mod and cannot decide what to play (after seeing Aimnas, Wildfire maps + 8517 build seem less exciting.

Plz, help!
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Registered:January 2018
Yea, i got this now. Most of the maps for Aimnas are not ready yet. And those that are ready are not filled with loot = because it takes too much time to full the sectors with new items.

But the old version of Aimnas which worked with Wildfire maps cant be get anywhere (or maybe i m mistaking and there was no initial aimnas version with loot in sectors that worked with wildfire)

Well, its such a pity seeing an item mod with no actual items in sectors happy

Great project with so much potential. but realy could use more people working on that.

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I agree with you. I have full respect for Smeagol, he made the best mod for JA2 and I get it's his baby, but when he moved to Big Maps it would have been better if he had assembled a small team to help him out (or at least have more people on it). Big Maps was indead the bext big step for JA2 evolution, but so far it seens a to great one for a single guy to make it alone.

Born, play JA2, die, reload, die again, reload again.
Re: Please help with Aimnas compatibility[message #353938 is a reply to message #352068] Tue, 03 July 2018 07:15 Go to previous messageGo to next message

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Well i used maptool provided by Bob (It's on Kermi ftp) to convert most of WF maps to AIMNAS loot table. I'm strugling with some issues though: Not all the maps converted correctly (More about it here). Here's a list of sectors which i was unable to convert: A2, B2, B13, B13_A, C13, D13, F8, F9, G2, G9, H2, H3, H13, H14, I13, I14, J9, K4, K4_B1, K6, K6_A, L1, L10, L11, L12, N5, N7, O3_B1. Also here is my item mapping which i made by myself (presumably it's as correct as possible: some items are just missing in AIMNAS): Click here to download. Feel free to use all of that and post your progress here aswell. I suppose i'll be doing that conversion by hand if author won't answer my report today.

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Re: Please help with Aimnas compatibility[message #353963 is a reply to message #353938] Sat, 07 July 2018 06:38 Go to previous messageGo to next message

Registered:October 2014
So I managed to convert more sectors using editor. Here are all of them so far: B13, B13_A, C13, D13, F8, F9, H13, H14, I13, I14, J9 K6, K6_A, L10, L11, L12.
Re: Please help with Aimnas compatibility[message #354379 is a reply to message #353963] Wed, 15 August 2018 12:24 Go to previous messageGo to next message

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Hi, so is there an complete version of Aimnas with WF Maps?
Re: Please help with Aimnas compatibility[message #357694 is a reply to message #354379] Fri, 26 July 2019 18:07 Go to previous message

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bump cheeky

Ok I figured out how to get it working but haven't tested it yet.

So, first step: Install Ja2 and 1.13 (latest build would do, SCI 8681. Then install AIMNAS and follow these steps:

follow these instructions:



Above this this line:

#PATH = Data-Bigmaps

Edit the following; (add in):

PATH = Data-WildFire6.07

Then, copy this line:

PROFILES = SlfLibs, Vanilla, v113, AIM, Maps, Wildfire6, UserProf,

and replace the original line of config. Now, leave line ''[PROFILE_SlfLibs]'' alone but go one down to: [PROFILE_Vanilla].

Make sure to copy this list below, replacing original 'profiles', all of them.

NAME = Vanilla Dirs
LOCATIONS = data_dir

NAME = v1.13
LOCATIONS = datav113_dir

LOCATIONS = dataaim_dir

NAME = Maps
LOCATIONS = datamaps_dir

NAME = Wildfire6.07
LOCATIONS = dataWildfire6_dir

NAME = Player Profile
LOCATIONS = uprof_root
PROFILE_ROOT = Profiles\UserProfile_JA2113WF607
WRITE = true

#NAME = Player Profile
#LOCATIONS = uprof_root
#PROFILE_ROOT = Profiles\UserProfile_JA2113AIM
#WRITE = true

## DATA PATHs ##

You can copy paste the above up to ''DATA PATHs'' and you're done. thumbs up (no need to have double DATA PATHs lines though)

Then, save and start a new game of AIMNAS. You'll be playing in WILDFIRE 6.07 maps, but as noted haven't tested this yet, but I saw the maps loaded up in Tac-screen so it must mean that it should work? Well, let's see.

Edit: Maps seem to be of 6.07 Wildfire, so that's awesome. I need to try the quests and see how that goes, I hope no errors but maps loaded up well cheeky I really must add that to me, this default AIMNAS distance, because I haven't modified that (yet?), is or feels somehow more realistic in light of weapons having range and not being restricted due to gameplay purposes however if the enemy AI can't utilize this distance then it's no fun. It seems they can though, which is nice and what I said; more realistic I think.

I'd play a lot more of standard or Vanilla AIMNAS if the maps weren't either so big or the technology (I use a HDD) wasn't 'slow'. In any case I love all these mods and like to play them alternately.

eDIT: been playing and it's working like a charm. Have been looking for a weapon mod different than an outdated one, and it seems like I've found one angel

Edit: In Cambria, in action game freezes and I come across the following error message:

[61.4805] : ERROR : File : vobject.cpp
Line : 967
Location : BltVideoObjectToBuffer
Video object index is larger than the number of subimages

Something seems to be broken and since there's no real solution found on the net except either reinstalling or installing a different version of the 1.13 mod I don't know what to do except exit sector and reenter it, which semi-works.

Installed the most recent files of all, thus 1.13, AIMNAS and Wildfire 6.07 I could find.

Edit: It seems that on an older build of 1.13 I don't have these freezing issues. Using 8338 SCI Build atm, and it's working again. I think even where previously it wouldn't so, that's cool..

Edit, some NADA in maps, where fuel used to be etc, (w/Drop_All items sometimes) some items do show up though, some do not. Except that for an occasional map transition crash when there's no tactical map involved (adjacent maps), says something about missing a point or a node or something, pardon my ignorance I forget.. game will crash or freeze because of these things but the rest works very well.

Except for this been playing for hours now cheeky I'd like it if the AI had a greater vision range too, but not necessarily be crack-shots but I understand well the lack or shortcoming/s of AI, because it's more of a script than an actual 'AI'.

Edit, have a problem with game weapon properties box, the description box for the 'eject ammo' option is huge and extends like a regular description box of an armor set would look like on older SCI versions of 1.13 (8336), and on newer SCI (8681, with newest AIMNAS update) enemies that drop all items, have them broke a lot of the time which I can understand as a sort of balance, but don't know if it's intentional or not, except that,

Game works well on newest SCI with AIMNAS/WIldfire, items/maps combination, except for when apparently encountering vehicles BltVideoObjectToBuffer overflows and freezes the game.
Edit regarding last freeze mentioned: Applied win8/10 fix from the Docs folder (added in dll's from 2010 or 2016, work both better than defaults) and no freezing anymore related to bltvideoob... at least temporarily.

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