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Strategic map shows enemies which do not exist in sector[message #352148] Thu, 25 January 2018 02:44 Go to next message

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Merc moved into D3 where the game showed 34 enemies in encouter window and on strategic map,
34 enemies were killed, visible as 33 corpses on the map(34th is covered by another)
btw one soldier was spotted after he most likely entered the sector as one of the 2 above max in sector.
After the 34th kill the game switched from battle music to chill(Alt+E confirms sector is empty),
but on the strategic map it shows the icon for 10 enemies till in sector,
right click on D3 lists 0 (10) enemies, but none appear if i let time pass on the tactical map.
(btw in my ja2Options.ini reinforcemnts are limited to towns).

The order to travel is rejected as there are hostiles in sector, but i can pick up and drop items in sector inventory,
and i can also compress time, in which case the icon for the 10 enemies disappears within 1 minute.
(same is valid if one minute passes in the sector)
If i leave the sector via the map border and cancel immediately, another battle starts in D3 and the game spawns 10 real enemies.

I should perhaps mention that the sector was cleared by a spy,
and that the alarm was not raised when the game appeared to start failing to show the correct number of soldiers.
(aka the number in brackets we get on strategic with map r-click on sector)

Saves from before entering the sector and right after the battle:
they should be compatible with default install, added the 2 changed .ini files just in case ...

If required i could play the battle again(its only a couple of hours;) and try to get a save right before the error occurs.

Happened with r8517 SCI, though perhaps not limited to release
the "enemies appear on reentering sector" part seems related to what i reported in "Battles in sectors with no merc/militia",
which happened in an 7609 install.

teleported to the adjacent sectors after the icon for 10 enemies disappeared,
in D4 the game showed me 10 enemies, but there were only 3 bloodcats in that sector.
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I still get that occasionally. You can exit the sector by moving your mercs to an edge and sending them to the adjacent sector. I think it may count as a retreat. (But it seems you know that!)

The alternative is to remain in the sector until the ghost patrol leaves. That can take a game-hour or two.

I hadn't tried the map-sector move and immediate cancel before. That might be a better answer to this issue.
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I usually get this kind of problem when there are more than 30 enemies in the sector. Exiting sector in tactical mode and returning after a minute or two (game time, of course) spawns all the remaining enemies. The only downside is that sometimes, if you have dynamic opinion switched on, this can be considered as a retreat. Didn't really notice if that has some morale impact on soldiers.
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