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Registered:February 2018
I'm using JA2 v1.13 build 7609
I did order some items from bobby rays and wanted to collect them , but whenever and with anybody and in anyway when I try to enter drassen airport tactical screen (not the map screen) , game pop up an ingame error that when I press ok it exit to desktop , and the error is : "Error. Missing or corrupted file(s). Game will exit now."
I did disable my antivirus software and reinstall the whole game and copied my old saves to use them , still not working.
I'm using latest windows 10 build 1709 , not running any background programs .
Tried using compability with win98 and such , still not working.
using resolution 1024 x 768 in ini editor exe.
restored ini to default and still not working.
I didn't use any tool to modify anything.
I didn't remove any files from JA folder and also redownloaded and installed the whole thing (JA2 gold + 7435 English + 7609 English) to make sure its not corrupted but still crashes.
I did go in that section before , also from my old saves I could I go there , but after few days later in JA , I couldn't go back to drassen to get my gears from bobby rays or escort john and marry to drassen airport , it just pop up an error as you can see in picture in this link :

let me know if there is anything else i should add.
thanks for your time , i hope for a fix soon. angel
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Registered:June 2016
Location: Norway
Hello there Bangagong

I am using the exact same setup (JA2 Gold + 7435 English + 7609 English) also on a Windows 10 x64 machine. I have also Arulco Revisited 1.04 on the same installation . I do not think that matters though, concerning your problem.
However there are a few things that i would like to point out, kind of a short checklist....

After installing 7435 and BEFORE adding the 7609 Update, you must run the zz.Patch, which i assume you must have done. Also i am pretty sure that - on the INI Editor - the Win 98 compatibility must be disabled. I have it disabled and my game runs fine without it. I think that your crash problem has something to do with the imported saved games. Did they come from an older pc or the one that you are currently using ? The INI Editor settings from your saves may have some different settings than the ones in your current game, therefore causing a conflict. Finally, you must have installed the game in a directory, that is outside from any Program Files, x86 or the old classic Program Files. They cause troubles when adding mods to games. I have encountered similar crashes while experimenting with mods in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. When i installed and added some mods to them, away from all Program File directories, things worked out a lot smoother happy

Keep in mind that i am not a moder myself but only a player who has learned a few things through trial, googling errors and finding tips in forums, here or elsewhere, i have found out that is best to uninstall the game completely, using an uninstaller that also cleans up the registry. Reinstall away from all Program Files and follow instructions that come with the mod and start a new game. Yes, i know, it's a boring drag to start all over again but it's worthy. This is what i do and it usually works happy. I've stopped trying to use saved games, as they cause more problems than solve, for me at least.

The professional moders here in the Bear's Pit can provide more information of technical nature and probably point out how to fix your problem much more accurately. My post is just a short checklist to consider and the rest is my personal experience while trying to add mods in some games. I wish it would be of some help.

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Nipson anomimata mi monan opsin
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Registered:February 2018
Yes I did run z.patch it was all fine.
i was playing all the time with same PC , i didnt import any save games from other computer , i just backedup my save games to use it after i do reinstall the whole JA thing.
my game folder isnt in windows directory or any programfiles , i think it has something to do with an item from bobby rays that i ordered and causing crash , because before that there is no crash when im going to drassen airport from old saved games.
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In case the crash is caused by an error of whatever kind that is present in the game files,
it would probably be helpful to identify the specific item,
which allows the experts to fix what causes the crash without them having to check all items of the game.

You could note the ordered items down from a save where they are already on their way.
(Bobby Ray -> Orders page -> Shipments)
Then load a save where you did not purchase them yet and order each one seperately.

Whenever you get a mail from BR, check which item just disappeared from the shipment list before you go to the sector,
the missing entry should point to the culprit if the game crashes on loading B13.
Also make sure that it is not more than one item and continue testing after you got a crash.

I am not sure whether it is required to load another sector each time the delivery crate has been checked,
but recommend to do so.
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Registered:February 2018
Location: Tampa, Florida
Are you still experiencing the crash until now?
Re: Crash on loading screen (Drassen Airport only)[message #352486 is a reply to message #352483] Tue, 20 February 2018 15:15 Go to previous message

Registered:February 2018
unfortunately i don't have anymore saves before bobby rays arrival in drassen so I'm not sure what i had ordered,
i wanted to progress more and capture more towns to see if it fixes anything or bobby rays items get stolen , maybe i could enter drassen , but it didn't work , still crashes.
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