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3 bugs in 8558 gamedir 2442 [Including 1 crash][message #353364] Sat, 05 May 2018 20:01

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I have found 3 bugs that are impacting me slightly.

Most severe bug is a crash related to the boxing in San Mona. I know the boxing itself is very, VERY buggy and always has been iffy, but has been fixed a bit over the years through 1.13.

I started my game, liberated Omerta, and headed straight to San Mona for a few days (I'm savescumming alot. I'm new to JA2 period and I need to learn by trial and error) to get some money (15k per day from boxing) and better guns from Tony, then I head to go to Chit and liberate that before I go to Drassen.

In the process Omerta was overtaken by the enemy. This might be related to another bug which I'll bring up later.

Bug 1: Boxing autobandage crash.

Anyways, the crash with boxing. I had a few other mercs doing doctoring to heal up my shot up mercs. It seems if you have a boxing match queued up, (I.E. paid Darren the money, let the bell ring, but don't enter the ring yet) and decide to autobandage, it'll crash the game. It'll play the bandaging noise, freeze up, and it'll crash with an "Unhandled exception that can't be recovered from" error. I've tried it a few times and it'll crash every time. If you do it before you pay him it won't crash. Easily workaroundable but I just want to bring it up.

Bugs 2 and 3 might not be bugs but intended behavior, but they seem weird to me so I'm including them as bugs because I can't find an explanation for why this happens.

Bug 2: Enemy surrender weirdness. Often I want to make an enemy surrender so I can take them prisoner and get some intel. (Seems to be about 5 intel per field interrogation)

As mentioned in the thread about the feature you can prompt a surrender by using your lips (open merc inventory and click on lips button, then click on enemy) to talk to them.

While this works, it is very inconsistent. Sometimes even though I have the AP to do it, and my merc is close enough to see them, often no prompt comes up. I.E. no "Offer surrender" "Demand surrender" buttons prompt up. I can't figure out why this happens. If I don't have the AP, or the selected merc can't see them I get an insufficient AP message or this merc can't see this person message so that's obviously working, and sometimes I DO get the prompts, but most of the time no AP is spent and nothing happens.

I don't know if it's because I'm not close enough but one time I had a guy dying only a few tiles away and I still couldn't talk to them. Again it might be intended behavior (maybe if they're too badly hurt you can't talk to them?) but I can't figure out why this happens.

Bug 3: MERC won't email me! I am currently on day 3 (Maybe even 4) and I have not gotten my email from Speck telling me about the wonders of MERC. This might be intended behavior (Maybe it's random or dependent on game progress when he'll email you) but in a previous run Speck emailed me on day 2, I think at midnight. I presume he is always supposed to email you on day 2 and as I mentioned he has not.

I am not sure if it's because they overtook Omerta's western sector where your mercs get dropped off at by default (maybe they have no reason to contact you if they can't drop anyone off for you) but it's annoying me because MERC has some decent people on it. I can upload my saves if needed.
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