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Registered:April 2018
Background: I am playing with new CTH and Interrupt System on, experienced (presumably the normal) difficulty. Default INI settings except for weapon overheating which I manually enabled. Robby Rays was at good I believe (Default setting is good I think and not normal)

Normal Drop system. (NOT drop all) Most "Masochist" sounding features like disease and food and drink were turned off. (Once I do a few runs and feel comfortable I might check them out)

Team of Ira (Scouting to enable enemy positions on the map as well as Militia training), Gunther (Night ops) MD (First Aid) Igor (Night Ops) Bull (Shotgunner, team mule, and San Mona fight club champion) and my IMP (Radioman to jam radios and do radio scans + machinegunner because I plan to run assault rifles on him)

Most of my gear is still starting gear, few with 38 specials and whichever mercs had the option for a 357 revolver I choose that over the 38, my IMP started with a 9mm colt smg. A few flak jackets were replaced with Kevlar Vests I got ahold of.

Having heard about the dreaded Drassen Counterattack, I decided to head to San Mona and hang out for a few days, have Bull beat the ever living **** out of the boxers for 15k every day, get better guns from Tony, then liberate Chitzena before heading to Drassen airport and getting better gear from Bobby Rays.

Days went by, not much good guns showed up at Tony. Think I got a SIG P2-something to replace the 38 for one of my mercs. I scored 2 100% condition SMGs from him. A MAT-49 SMG and some swiss SMG which I cannot remember the name of. (ended in 41/44 I think. I thought it was a Tommy Gun at first) Gunny still has his glock 18 which has fully automatic mode.

I go liberate Chitzena along with training a militia (20 blues before I liberate the top sector)

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. A counterattack of 40 soldiers appears. These guys included 10 or so blackshirts, no yellowshirts whatsoever (Only ones I have ever seen were 4 at San Mona) and were armed with grenades, breaklights, assault rifles, smoke bombs, armor and helmets, sniper rifles, and LMGs. Up until now, aside from one guy with an SMG, all of the enemies I have encountered were using pistols (and a yellowshirt with akimbo pistols)

I have been trying to survive this attack for a few days now and just am at a total loss for what to do. My militia gets utterly massacred, including by enemies who rush up with knives and slice them up faster than onions on an infomercial, standing out in the open gets my mercs killed by snipers, my mercs are hopelessly outgunned.

Although the counterattack takes a few hours to arrive, even if I train as soon as I can I don't have enough time to get a bigger militia aside from the dumb as bricks greenshirts. The 20 blueshirts all die pretty quick and the arriving greenshirts pretty much die as soon as they move in from the top.

I have tried several defensive positions including standing out in the open or holing up in different buildings but I just cannot seem to find a good position. I can't climb on the roofs (they're straw and slanted so that might be why I can't climb on them unlike the roofs in San Mona) and while holing up in buildings is semi effective it's only a matter of time before Deidranna's death squad surrounds the buildings and tosses grenades in.

I hate savescumming but even that doesn't save me. Enemies attacking from all directions with pretty much no cover aside from holing up in buildings which was previously mentioned results in grenades or even stuff like my prone mercs being shot through the windows. If anything going prone almost feels counterproductive, as if incoming CTH has a higher chance to hit your head if you are prone. (I don't know exactly how NCTH works in terms of prone targets. I think I read something about headshots being easier vs prone than vs standing which makes sense as a prone guy facing you has his head in front, it'd be easier to hit than his feet.)

Trying to ambush the attackers as they split up to surround the map tile before the actual attack starts in 10 man squads has proved uneffective due to the snipers. I also assume by the time I can travel back to the city the attack will have already started and my militia already slaughtered (Autoresolve WITH my mercs present still results in a total wipe just about every time so without a doubt my militia alone won't withstand it)

Not sure what to do. I had assumed taking Drassen later when I got better gear would be a good idea but if Chitzena, a town of little strategic importance and supposedly a very low priority for the Queen is met with a deathsquad I can only imagine the bloodbath Drassen will result in.

Any tips for defending Chitzena's mine? As mentioned I can't seem to find any decent spot for my mercs. Taking cover from one group of enemies only results in being shot to pieces from a completely different direction, and my mercs cannot get within anywhere close to effective range before a sniper blows their head off or a machine gunner cuts them down.

Venting here but I've been stuck for a few days know and am out of ideas. If I decide to bail and just let them have Chitzena back, will the entire 40 man force entrench themselves or will they simply repopulate the garrison (I think initially it was only about 20 troops total counting both sectors) and leave?
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Location: Brunswick, Germany
Sometimes falling back is just as required as defending or attacking.
Provided you have conquered all of Chitzena, just fall back to the second Chitzena sector and place all your militia in it.
Now, the enemy usually captures the undefended mine and then attacks the second sector but leaves enough forces guarding the mine sector.
This split-up lets you then retake the sector with your militia one by one only facing 20 opponents each time which should be doable.

As for the snipers: they can only shoot at what they or their comrades see. By focusing on the closest enemies that have definitely spotted you and taking them out first or shooting their legs so they fall down, you can take the snipers sight which should result in a lot less sniper shots "out of nowhere".
Smoke grenades work just as well if available.
As far as I remember the ruins of Chitzena have a wall around them which gives good cover even in a crouch position. Just stay in a crouch position, take one shot less each round and use the APs to get in prone position after each round. This works like a charm for me.

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” - Abraham Lincoln
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Registered:May 2018
I had the same thing - playing almost same settings I got like 60 soldiers counterattack on Chitzena. First I tried to hide in a building, but didn't go that well =)

So I retreated, the enemy split in groups of 15 per sector around the town and cleaned that up. Did the same with the notorious Drassen counterattack later.

Playing against snipers makes it more fun - now you cannot just rush the sector head on. Have to think, keep cover at all times.

Good luck =)
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Location: here
Counterattack forces will disperse if they take an undefended sector,
usually even only garrison force will enter, rest appears to flow into country and turn into patrols.
I.e. you can let them in, then attack the force and prevent reinforcement with radio expert,
no or min income loss and counterattack transformed into normal battle,
best if you can also move all militia out to prevent their slaughter/the huge time&$ loss

SR&AR vs early pistols sounds like progress speed of item choices is "too" high
combined with progress lvl causing item tier jump for new enemies,
while existing patrols dropped only low tier stuff so far.

I mostly play at very slow, unless mod recommends smth else,
actually at day 57 with B2 and 4 sectors of Grumm under control @ 37 progress
i am still happy if my spies spot enemies with a nice g41 or similar,
so far 2 famas(caremne and H3 locker) and even 2 M21 from I3

Could also go for the colt commandos of Kingpins goons in San Mona,
fight late when less goons are present and go for Kinpin and Darren 1st, as they drop all items incl guns,
then pick the goons out one by one when they walk through the door, and try to steal commandos before kill.

Cheap/cheesy Chitzena defense: Block outside acccess to entrance door of ACA and head miner buildig with blue flag.
make sure you know the vision conditions for all stances on all tiles inside the buildings before the battle,
mark safe or dangerous spots with specific items, well, unless you save scum;)

Use of glitch: A squad ordered to move into a sector with enemies present(not sure whether it must be adjacent)
appears to block any movement of troops inside the target sector (perhaps as battle is incoming?)
you can at least delay the battle until the last of the squad arives which you have sent there.
That may work up to a degree where you send Flo in and have her wait for Reuban
who moves forth and back between 2 sectors as long as he can before he finally joins Flog.
Who btw really needs some sleep at that point :D
May also work to continously send mercs in while skipping movement orders for others before they arrive.

The glitch may also help to get over the cooldown time for off map artillery support by militia,
which btw you can always use to attack the counterattack trops,
with Manuel and Igor the squad will return before troops from other sector arrive in town.
Regarding off map ari, a spy can lure a lot of enemies together and give your radio man a nice target for the strike,
e.g. shoot in the air to attract, then kite with movement sound into map corner where spy merc leaves before strike,
make sure you call artillery while in real time to prevent them from spreading out.
Local record is 27 kills from 1 strike, gave Ears 2 or 3 lvls :)

Regarding the walls in A2 and also big rocks which provide 1/2 cover,
i play "no reload" and go prone behind them at the end of the turn,
because the head as only remaining target will eventually be hit.
Note i usually have a spy or scout in back line to stay informed about enemy movemnts in their turn

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If there are 60 enemies in the sector, you have to attack it multiple times to dwindle defenses. If you have counterattaks enabled on all major cities, remember to not capture all city sectors!!! Capture mine, and hold it, when you clear most of the enemies around, train militia, and then attack next sector. Until you capture last sector, you should have supplies in the city for few fights, lots of explosives, smoke grenades, and blue militia that can help you in fight.A radio man to call artillery strikes and jam communications to stop enemy reinforcements.
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