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Hi everyone,

I have a question about possible limitations in Skills_Settings.INI

If I want every merc in game (IMP, AIM, MERC, Ira, Maddog etc) to be able to have more than possible 2-3 skills, and I set the parameters in the file as the following:


; Number if Skill Traits available when creating IMP.

; Number of Major Trait slots allowed for player mercs.
; Values from 2 to 20 are allowed.

; Number of Major Trait slots allowed when creating IMP.
; Values from 2 to 20 are allowed.

Will it work correctly or there will be some problems\bugs?

Also, i manually entered additional perks in mercprofiles.xml file - will it work correctly in the game?
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It will probably not work as you expect.

The above seems ok but:

will not work. There is a restriction in the code that defines that number of major traits for IMP cannot exceed the general number of major traits allowed. I don't know if this is a mistake or intended.

Here is the part of the code:
gSkillTraitValues.ubNumberOfMajorTraitsAllowedForIMP = iniReader.ReadInteger( "Generic Traits Settings", "NUMBER_OF_MAJOR_TRAITS_ALLOWED_FOR_IMP", 2, 2, min( gSkillTraitValues.ubNumberOfMajorTraitsAllowed, gSkillTraitValues.ubMaxNumberOfTraitsForIMP - 1 ) );

default is 2, minimum is 2, maximum is the lower one of NUMBER_OF_MAJOR_TRAITS_ALLOWED (5) and MAX_NUMBER_OF_TRAITS_FOR_IMP - 1 (16)

If you want to make it work correctly you should set NUMBER_OF_MAJOR_TRAITS_ALLOWED to 6 or higher.

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There is an idea how to improve Hunter/Ranger skills. Right now, in 1.13, simple rifles are bad choise for both hunters and marksmen because shotgun is a best choise for a hunter and a sniper rifle is a best choise for a sniper. Is it okey? I think NO. As it known hunters and snipers in real life can use all types of long guns and rifles effectively, just because these weapons are very similar to each other in shooting, and snipers rifles are differ to hunters rifles only by precission burrels and long range scopes. So we get a question what then the difference between this two skills shoud be in the game?
I think the difference should be in that:
Hunter/Ranger is a fast shooter with bonuses to quick aiming and shooting with not only shotguns but with rifles too.
Marksman/Sniper is an accurate shooter (as it now).

So it could be good if bonuses to quick aiming and shooting with rifles will be added to Hunter/Ranger traits. Such difference between hunters and marksmen may improve the gameplay.

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