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Zylon camo bonus not applying?[message #353638] Tue, 29 May 2018 19:53 Go to next message
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This came up from some related stealth mechanic testing but is a separate topic:

Running the last stable build, I noticed that my characters wearing Zylon combat vest and leggings seemed to get zero reported camouflage from those items. They appeared to receive camo from their LBE gear but when I removed that, the reported camo went to zero. Inspecting the item indicated that it should indeed give a 20% woodland bonus. Is the Zylon stuff broken or am I misunderstanding something?

Also, I cannot find documentation for what the first number means in the reported camo indicator hover state, e.g. (0/20% Woodland)

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This might not be the most satisfying answer for your question but have you considered that certain attachments reduce camouflage when worn e. g. the LAM/Flashlight combo reduces camouflage big time even when the flashlight is turned off somehow (referring to 7609 the obsolete unstable stable).

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Yep, the mercs had no such equipment. And it appeared that the full camo was being applied from other items on the same characters.
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If its related to multiplayer, afaik camo is completely broken in 7609 default multiplayer
(there may be a fixed exe though)
only the "natural" camo guys aka Shadow and Tex appear to benefit from camo at all.

If the game only fails to show the correct numbers while applying them to calculation,
you could see that in battle with shift+C aka "show mercs danger zone"

Zylon stuff is most certainly not broken in 7609 single player,
it - respectively any providing same or more amount of camo - is my favourite armour for those releases,
as high camo is more effective for my playstyle than an increase of physical protection.

LBE with lower camo value will cancel a part of the armours camo value,
i.e. to get the zylon jackets 20% wood camo bonus in 7609, you need to wear e.g. RU-106 or Tac-1A vest.

Camo malus from lam-flashlight combo is certainly broken in 7609,
the code adds the penalties for all 4 different terrains and applies them together
on whatever terrain the merc is standing. Use newer build or reduce those penaties to 1/4.

If you changed the games camo settings in a running campaign,
you will probably get wrong results as i did,
in case unequip every item which gives a camo modifier and save,
change camo settings, reload last save and reequip camo modifier items to get correct value.
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