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Greetings! epoch32 here, I am a newcomer here in the forum and in the game (though I had been a lurker for a while.) And I have a couple of questions to ask about the vanilla game. I am playing ja2 with the help of JA2 stracciatella 0.16.1 and the copy from gog.com. I am planning though on playing 1.13 down the road.
Here are some of my questions:
1. Is there a time limit for all the mines to deplete or just one will deplete, if so, how can I disable depletion?

2. Are there other options for leveling up besides training+time compression and combat? I'm trying to save up time and cash, etc.
My party consists of my I.M.P. guy, steroid, ira, grizzly, barry and md. All of them are lvl. 3 rn though grizzly is lvl 4 since he is pretty awesome.

3. How can I earn big money aside from mines?

I apologize in advance if these questions have been asked one way or another before. Thanks in advance!
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Hmm. I'm unfamiliar with Stracciatella (currently running 1.13 8560/Wildfire Maps) but:

1. In stock behaviour only one mine depletes, though you might get another mine shut down from space bug attack - you can kill the bugs to restart production *and* get Crepitus (might have misspelled this) goo, which can be used to treat your armor and vastly increase it's efficiency.

2. Killing people, passing lots of skill checks causes level ups. A cheesy way to level up (SAVE BEFORE YOU DO THIS) is to get a land mine or other explosive, then (in real time) plant & arm it, then disarm and remove it.

Rinse and repeat for your skill to skyrocket. Managed to get the Ryder twins leveled up and go from like 10 explosive skill to 80 explosive skill in less than 10 mins of explosives arm/disarm. Con: you have to do this manually, ugh.

3. Farm Kingpin's fighting club if you have a strong Martial Artist type merc. Dr. Q is easy mode imho, though you might have to use marbles for the third fighter until you get him leveled up.

Hire Flo and some other cheapass merc to haul all your captured gear that you don't want to use/keep to San Mona. Farm Tony for money.

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Thanks, I use grizzly as my boxer, and he's quite good at it too, so you mean boxing matches are infinite or they have a predefined limit?

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