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Hello Folks,

There's a new PC video game coming out on Steam on July 17th entitled "Almost Alive." To me, it looks GREAT. It's an isometric tactical shooter.

It's set in an ultra-violent post apocalyptic world. The game allows the player to select an "archetype" as an avatar-class, and then, because the world is SO insane with utter brutality, the player HAS TO select a type of madness that gets triggered under certain conditions. Sounds like a neat and believable psychological mechanic.

Each archetype has an elaborate skills and abilities tree, and one can strongly influence the flow of the game by how one chooses to interact with the locals. The range of dialogue options is EXTENSIVE.

To me, thus far, the gunplay mechanics are really something to see. Every round has the potential to penetrate and/or ricochet. Regions of cover and concealment will crumble if enough damage is delivered to the area. It looks like virtually everything can be badly damaged to the point of serious compromise. It's something to watch in the footage ~ one cannot depend on one's cover to last.

The AI looks cunning. They'll try to outflank, and they're aware of destroyed areas and will seek to exploit them. Friendlies are available - how extensive one can command them is difficult for me to determine.

Here are some links that will explain things far better than what I can achieve with mere words...

This YouTube page provides the background introduction and a broad intro to gameplay, especially in regards to the archetypes:

To myself, the one video that seems to really showoff the AI's potential is the one on the Shadow archetype. Watch how the AI responds to the player's tactics...

Here's the link to the Almost Alive's main website:

Here's a link to the creator's Patreon page. He states that he loves JA 2, Fallout 1 & 2, etc., so I believe that's a GREAT sign of what we're likely to get.

Money's tight for me right now, so I don't know when I'll be able to pick it up.

If any of you try it, please post in this thread your thoughts on it! thumbs up


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Steam will not even get the fraction of aa cent from me!
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Thank you for sharing. It reminds me of Dustwind, with a lot of promised features. I'll keep that one under watch.

Character sprites look too similar right now, i hope he will improve them, but look at all those animations, impressive!
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I hear you, townltu, on your lack of admiration for Steam. My fingers are tightly crossed that it'll be released DRM-free via the creator's website, or through GOG.com.

Thanks for the tip, grim, on Dustwind. Never even heard of it. Its gameplay looks GREAT! I just wish that it had destructible environments which Almost Alive has in super-abundance.

Like you, I worry about how similar all of the textures are in Almost Alive. Hope it doesn't lead to a lot of needless frustration.
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Buying in 22 hours, because why not. This dev already done enough to get my money. (Even this trailer shows that)
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For one person to do ALL that we see in the footage... It's hard to imagine such an accomplishment. I like the aesthetic, a lot.

I've never seen anything quite like it before (well, till I was just informed of Dustwind's existence).

Hopefully I'll get a little extra cash so that I can purchase both titles.

Out of the two titles, I'm surprisingly pretty equally divided in my wanting both. I don't want to pick just one, lol

Dustwind added a Solo means of playing the game (so in spite of what Steam has listed, it can be played single-player), but it seems pretty obvious that the environment is not destructible.

Almost Alive's ballistics-driven and destructible environments with the AI responding in-line-kind are a BIG plus to me. It'd be great if the game's creator can also add that extra proposed content into the title as well, with the wide range of mutants and other weird factions.

It'll be interesting to see what Almost Alive will be priced at...

What would be crazy is to see Dustwind also add in a ballistics-driven destructible environment. That will likely cause my wallet to tear in half.

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Early Review
Folks, I am REALLY enjoying this title. Although it's still in development, and the developer, Emir, has a long ways to go to make his ambitious dream a very robust virtual reality, this title is well worth every penny I spent on it, and I dearly hope that he brings his dream-nightmare into being.

It is unforgiving, tactical, and will make you want to Wake Up (reload) time and time AND time again. It is addictive.

There are some bugs. Items that one stores into cabinets, the trunks of automobiles, and the like, have the strong tendency of disappearing, especially after a save (called Setup Camp) has been made and reloaded from. After about a dozen hours of playing, I had my carrying capacity suddenly reduced by 1/5th, only to magically reappear again (sadly, without the items that were stored there before the glitch happened), but, that said, it has SO much going for it.

If one took Jagged Alliance 2 1.13, married it to Fallout's I and II, and rubbed in a dose of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., well, one would ALMOST achieve Almost Alive, except this new title has one new element that's exciting to see in action: the Player's avatar losing sanity, and engaging in mad behavior. It is something to see.

The Player's psychological state can influence observers, and rightly so. After all, everyone is constantly drowning in an utterly bleak, terribly brutal and blighted world: who could be considered sane? In our own lives, how many times have we been barely "holding it together," and then we see someone we care about do something that pushes us over the edge? That can happen in this game.

And the results aren't all bad for the Player either. Last night, I was taking on a gang that had setup some smart defenses. The "only" way that I could draw them out was by taking hit and run potshots at them, but most of the time, they rightfully wouldn't budge. This made my job of killing them a lot more challenging. At one point, my character went insane, and just started wildly shooting 70% of his rounds at them (wounding some, killing only a couple) and the other 30% went into the floor, walls, etc., while he was running about, screaming and cursing at the world. Within several seconds of this happening, the enemies' state of mind became influenced as well. A good deal of them became depressed, some suicidal. One of their suicides triggered another, and caused one in their midst to start firing his weapon in angst. Holy crap! It was something to see! By the time the dust settled, 2/3 of them were taken out by themselves, allowing me to work my way into their defenses to eliminate them with what little ammo I had left from my earlier rampage.

My jaw landed on my keyboard in shock. I've never played a video game that hit me so hard emotionally.

War is hell, but this game takes one straight down to the very bottom of Dante's pit.

Before you try it, please keep in mind how VERY fragile one is in this game. Hit and run tactics are you friend. Your BEST friend. There's no shame in running. Nope. So get ready to do a lot of it.
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