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Problem with Squad Movement from the Strat Map[message #354392] Thu, 16 August 2018 12:05 Go to next message

Registered:January 2018
Odd problem that I've not seen before in JA2 v1.13 on any version. Current version is 8589 SCI on 2430 directory.

I'm trying to move all of my units, whether 1 squad or 2 squads into another strategic tile.

The first time I tried to move my units out of Omerta to another tile outside Omerta -- the game warns that this is a Hostile Sector and basically scoffs at movement orders. (The message pops up in a little box above the strategic map -- "Movement Orders? This is a hostile sector!" I can move out of the tile via using a squad move while in tactical at the map edge, but using the strategic map is useless because of this message.

Second time this happened was when I tried to move into Drassen North from the tile to its West. Now, it is also doing it when moving from North Drassen to Mid Drassen.

Basically, every time I have won a sector, even after killing all the zombies that appear, the sector is being considered still hostile and I'm not sure why. All the zombies are dead. I'm waiting for the multiple waves, since usually those near a person won't spawn until you clear those that first spawned (and all zombies are dead since they equal when finally done the number of enemy corpses -- yes I've been keeping track since the issue is a pain in the behind for movement). The marker for finding the last survivor shows nothing on the mini-map (I've had it work in this game to find the last survivor, so I know what to look for).

NOTE: A bad result of this issue is that I cannot move more than 1 squad at a time into a City Sector, since I have to move via map edge and it will only move one squad at a time using that method (I also do not get the positioning stuff -- so no coordinating timing of attacks.

Now, I do have zombies on -- single spawn per killed person. I also have the new Strategic Militia Movement on -- I've never had that on before. I also have the Assassins on who can embed covertly within the Militia, but it is too early for that I guess, since I have no militia yet and have not conquered Drassen.

I may be missing something obvious.

I'm wondering if perhaps the game is presuming that any other hostile nearby sector, for possible reinforcement by the enemies, is enough to allow for this to keep the current cleared sector hostile. In other words, since I have reinforcements on for both militia and the enemy, and since I have the new Strategic Movement, perhaps it remains hostile just because there are enemies on the way, even though they have not arrived (as if they were sent in via Enemy Radio Operator or whatever).

I've not had this happen before in any version. I mean, I have had the occasional hiding enemy who camps in the nearby sector then appears, or a zombie stick around. But this is different. It prevents this Strategic Map Movement for my squads, that's never happened before. I'm pretty sure it is happening even when traveling outside of any city tile, but I'll check for that next time I am not adjacent to a city tile or in one (which is the only case that I can think of so far where this might not be happening).

So I guess, in summary, it is a combo of supposedly a hostile sector and no allowed strategic move of squads or mercs.

Any suggestions?

I can post any INI files and so on if required. I think the last version I used was something like 8540 and that did not have this issue, but I also did not have the Strategic Movement for Militia etc enabled in previous games.

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Registered:December 2017
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May not be related to zombies at all since i encountered similar bugs and had no zombies allowed:
and http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=msg&goto=351995&#msg_351995

Sometimes it worked for me to initiate auto resolve so the game "realizes" that there are no enemies in sector,
other times the game spawned enemies on auto resolve, although gabbi alt+e cheat showed the sector was clear before going to strategic map.
It works rather reliable for me to let a few minures pass in sector, then the blinking red rectangle will disappear on strategic.

If it still happens after you disabled zombies in game options, (may require to wait some hours/until midnight in the game)
that would indicate the same bug.
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Registered:January 2018
Hmm, interesting the posts you made on the similar issue.

Yes, I don't think it is zombie related.

It is acting like a ghost patrol to some degree, or like having reinforcements that don't appear in the first wave of reinforcements, but this time it is under 30 total when it happens. I've seen them adding in already over the expected number listed upon entry, so some form of reinforcement is happening, even if I don't count those that do not show up.

Maybe it is a bit related to the new Ambush stuff with Bandits and Bloodcats, in this case for me. Dunno.

What also is odd, is that I had Omerta set so that it could not be reinforced or had militia added, but the NME did try to ghost reinforce there.

Disappointing that it is happening. I guess I'll try the spending a minute in the sector technique and see if that allows Strategic Movement after. It might resolve itself also once Drassen is fully conquered. Worst case I'll try autoresolve.

Luckily the squad was more successful than I expected, even though several reinforcements from either South Drassen or nearby must have added in to the Mid Drassen battle.

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Re: Problem with Squad Movement from the Strat Map[message #354400 is a reply to message #354396] Thu, 16 August 2018 14:40 Go to previous messageGo to next message

Registered:December 2017
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New zombie&bandit ambush stuff is excluded assuming its all related to the same cause,
as i encounterd it (them?) in 7609 and 8517

Based on assumption reinforcemts may also be excluded as in one of my cases there were less than max enemies in sector.

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Re: Problem with Squad Movement from the Strat Map[message #354474 is a reply to message #354400] Wed, 22 August 2018 10:28 Go to previous messageGo to next message

Registered:January 2018
Well, to follow up, so far this bug is a real problem for me.

1) So far although i've cleared all 3 Drassen sectors I cannot train militia.

2) So far I cannot access Bobby Ray's

3) So far I cannot move squads between sectors and although cannot have them arrive at the same time in Drassen.

4) I don't see any option to AutoResolve. It doesn't realize it is a hostile sector. It just says so during attempts to move Squads.

5) Passing Time while in the sector does nothing to trigger a battle.

6) Passing Time in the Strategic Map does nothing to trigger a battle.

Only thing left to try is to move out of the sector and return, which I will try next.

This seems ridiculous, but the one thing I did which I have never done before was turn Pablo's thieving off in the INI. Well that's not exactly true, I did also turn on the Strategic Movement Options. But if this keeps up, this particular campaign is borked. The only thing other than this I can hope for, is that after another 24 hours maybe the Rebels will be happy that I just arranged things with Father Walker. But if nothing else triggers forward, this campaign is frozen.

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Re: Problem with Squad Movement from the Strat Map[message #354552 is a reply to message #354474] Mon, 27 August 2018 04:18 Go to previous message

Registered:January 2018
Well moving out of Drassen with all teams and then re-entering seems to have solved the issues and the main campaign is now progressing. I've lost time, but now I won't mind savescumming to some degree. After killing over 20 elites during the Drassen fight (on Easy but customized), my mostly M.E.R.C. force of about 12-14 is heavily injured but back on track. No enemies were found on return.

So thanks to Townltu for the various methods to attempt to fix the problem. All the former issues are, for the moment, now bypassed and back to normal. If this team pulls this off (and most of the fighting was done by the B team of M.E.R.C. guys, not the A-Team of M.E.R.C. plus A.I.M. guys (and gals), they will have a lot to brag about. But, the negative is that the B-Team backbenchers got most of the experience, and they aren't meant as anything but Militia Assists in low danger areas down the road. Will be interesting though.
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