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I thought I'd mention the game Vigilantes made by a new indie developer (pretty much one man's work mostly), by Timeslip Softworks.

It is turn-based, you play a main character Sam Contino, who basically decides to fight the increasing crime in Reiker City, work towards taking down the 3 gang factions, and working his way to the top, clear the city of this menace. You can meet and recruit more allies. You will be often managing a team of allies out there in turn-based combat.

Game feels like a turn-based Vigilante version of Freedom Force, but without the real-time and no super powers. There is a Perk system similar to that of Fallout or Underrail. Individual combat maps are on the smaller side, perhaps a city block or three. So far, I see only one height level, and this combat is simpler than Jagged Alliance 2, but great for quick few hours of play after work. Characters improve with level, enemies improve while their tile and gang make money and succeed. Time is against you. You can surveil tiles, getting progressively more info about each district or tile, and each gang's hierarchy. There are levels of enemies, etc. Fair amount of gear already, explosives, guns, melee weapons, crafting, components, loot, interrogations, etc.

The main strategic map is basically tile-based, and so on.

To get much greater detail there is an excellent constantly updating very-detailed guide on all the mechanics of the game by LordLancelot on Steam. It includes lots of text, in-game pics to illustrate, videos to playthrus and concepts, you name it. You can find that guide at this link:


Currently game is 1.02 version, but a 1.03 is planned soon. Game runs very well, probably can run on a toaster. Graphics are adequate for the task, but no more. Music and dialogs are very atmospheric to the Vigilantes theme. I enjoy it so far. Lowest price so far was 15% off, it is $14.99 when not on sale. I think it is a good start for this type of game.

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The art style is really incredible, I like that sort of thing.

Game itself looks decent enough, but as usual it's all about the gameplay IMO (some depth is handy too).
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In that link I offered, you should be able to find many videos of play-thrus. In addition, he also covers certain features in videos specifically made for that purpose. And there is a lot of text in the guide even without the videos (text covers all, as do videos if preferred). The videos by him don't have any voiceover, using only in-game stuff, but he takes his time and a JA2 player should be able to easily figure out what he is doing. Many of those videos are 45 minutes long plus.

I agree though that the gameplay is the thing. I've only got 19 hours into it (and I take my time so for many it would be more like 6 or so) and so far so good, but you can't see the ramifications of long-term play in so short a period.

His latest video describing an ambush that happened when he too frequently attacked a low danger level strategic district, led to an entire wipe out of a good mid-campaign team. It might give a sense of how involved or difficult the combat can be when you get ambushed and the area has an unexpected Lieutenant (basically a Level 3 mini-boss with mostly Level 2 Specialists aiding) that also gets some reinforcements (usually these so far for me, the reinfs, appear about 2 combat turns in, but you don't see them before as otherwise you see every enemy on the start of the whole map).

The funny thing about that video is that he is attacking a district or tile, that is otherwise probably Danger Level 0 or perhaps 1. But since it was attacked frequently, the Mafia has laid out an ambush for the Vigilantes. He makes good use of the incendiary grenades to control the approach, but the AI ended up making a good assessment of when to approach and not. Also the AI used grenades and knew when to move in, even into the fire after a turn or so letting it die down, in order to get some melee attacks on the Vigilantes. If you move outside their immediate zone of control, you have a chance to get attacked. In addition, when shooting a gun within a zone of control, you might also get interrupted. You also can't, unless a later Perk I don't know about exists, move into an enemy occupied space. So this with the incendiaries, and the few map placed items on loading the sector (sectors tend to use a different map each time you load, I believe) make the smaller maps actually gain the benefit of this zone of control and denial of area mechanic. It is more confining and a simpler mechanic, but it does work to create the when to do what and what first decision tree.

He did well at the start, but basically he heads into a situation that he is expected to lose and he does lose because the AI did a pretty solid job working him over. You might think not during the middle stage when they approach, but then their suprising move into the area on fire in the last turn of the 3 turn incendiary grenade's effect, in order to get some of their troops adjacent when some of the Vigilantes moved back for healing or avoiding fire, was a good counter-attack that basically won the scenario.

Also Snipers and Assault Rifle specialists have to get a perk to halve their chance to be interrupted from an adjacent enemy, unless they want to live with it. One thing seemingly unrealistic, but done probably for simplicity, is that shooting thru allies seems to give no malus. However, this makes ranged weapons more useful, and makes the interruption mechanic when adjacent more useful. I'm sure there are other perks to get around this partially.

The one potential negative I see so far, is that some experienced players (granted they can't be that experienced since it just came out in the last week or two), are claiming that it is best to save your Perk points for later appearing Perks than using them immediately. But then, that waiting would seem to balance itself. The full Perk list is available for viewing via a simple and obvious toggle, so it isn't a secret either. Same is true with all things craftable. Existing owned weapons can also be upgraded. Your base has a simple screen to add facilities, which provide some basic benefits. Like a Workshop allows crafting. Each facility has five levels, benefits from a person assigned to reduce time to upgrade, adds a bit to certain stats, may provide some free basic expected equipment generated at the facility (like small calibre bullets for the Firearms Range), and the like.

Anyway, I would say no one area is as deep as the best games of the genre, but the overall mix of features, plus the number of them and their simple exposition, plus the trade-off between time versus consequences, makes for interesting play.

Can't say for sure yet how good. But definitely promising for the price of $14.99, or in my case $13.25 during a 15% off sale. Worse case, it may not be worth competing with some other well done classics, and not really directly competing with JA2 style depth, but easier to manage and play, and still has combat and management worthy of decision-making, chess like thought, and varying approaches.

Negatives might be, smaller maps, no multiple height levels, simpler XCOM EU/EW type cover system, smaller ranges, less customization for each Ally (though there is some)as each ally levels-up most of its points automatically. Also less individual Merc interaction, though there is some it is limited.

Game also allows for Hard-Boiled mode, etc. which allows for a more limited save technique I think. Anyway, my words don't compare to the guide, thankfully.

At least with all the available info above, it is pretty easy to get a good sense of where it is currently. In some ways it has a bit of similarity to Battle Brothers, which just got a new DLC which seems promising, by the way.

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