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I am playing 1.13 latest version on win10. While fighting in grumm city a grenade thrown by enemy exploded right in front of my squad. Two of my characters got thrown away and lied down on the ground. They were my imp char and rebel char Manuel. They got stuck on the ground unable to stand up. I healed the chars using my medic. Then my imp stood up and he is fine but Manuel is unable to crouch. When i hold right click the crouch button seems greyed out. When i try pressing pageup or pagedown buttons it says 'cannot change stance at this time'. I can make him go prone but once i do that cant make him stand again. If i go to another map i find him stood up automatically. Also i cant make him look around by pressing hotkey 'L' or by choosing look button when holding rightmousebutton. Just nothing happens. Tried to wound and heal him again. Nothing changed. First i thougth he was crippled but there seems no ways to cure it. Is this a bug?
I dont know when it showed up but there is also a constant red cross sign in both my imps and Manuel's char portraits in the tactical view. This sign normally shows up only when being bandaged by another merc.
Red cross isnt gamebreaking but not being able to crouch sucks. I mostly fight in crouched position. Please help.
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This kind of glitch/bug, whatever it's called, was happening to me, quite often, in vanilla. Manuel remained stuck even after the battle was over ? If yes, then a previous save would help, you'd have to redo that fight and avoid the scene with the grenade. Enter the sector from a different side if possible, use cover and stay prone. Are you playing NCTH or OCTH ?

I believe that the issue has something to do with Manuel, not being an original JA2 character, we met him in the UB expansion. The issue in vanilla was mostly with locals. It's happened to me with Devin and some civilians, usually the ones that needed escorting. (John & Mary, Maria, Joey, Skyrider). Once you had them crouched during battle, that's it, they would stay like this forever. The trick was to either fly them to their destination or leave them standing behind a building, far away from the fighting. Only falling back to a previous save and possible restart the game would fix it.I haven't had this issue showing up in my 1.13 games.

Just another old soldier.
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First of all thanks for your reply. Octh means 'old chance to hit' system i guess. I am using the system which i can see the hit probability. Not the big red circle one. And yes Manuel is stuck even after battle(in real time). Unfortunately i dont have a save prior to this battle now. I had but i saved over it because i didnt realise the bug. I realised it when i entered another battle while trying to crouch my squad.
I was thinking about dismissing and hiring him again. Tried that but i wasnt able to find him once i dismissed him.
Anyway i am already close to the end of the game. So, not very important. Also i am going to be careful before saving when i start again.
By the way. I realised another bug. I cant bandage my imp. Auto-first aid takes forever. When i try to bandage manually my medic keeps bandaging and bandaging forever. Yellow part of the health bar never turns red. I found a workaround though. In the strategic screen i make my imp patient and my medic doctor. This heals him.
Thanks again for your reply.
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Yes,OCTH means Old Chance to Hit and using the CTH bar is nice, i use it myself also, always. Once you dismiss any local mercs, they disappear from the game, can't find and hire them again. I don't remember a 100% but i think that the ones from MERC also refuse to be rehired once dismissed. Only the AIM mercs are the most reliable. Never auto-bandage. Always do it manually. During combat use a high medical merc to do the bandaging, if possible. Otherwise the wounded ones will have to bandage themselves if they are behind solid cover and it's too risky for a medic to run to them, if that leaves them exposed to enemy fire. It's a good practice to train all mercs under your command to have at least 25 Medical so they can at least bandage themselves without running out of bandages. After the battle use a low level medic to do the bandaging so they can raise the skill.

There is an option that allows the game to auto-save after every turn, in 2 slots. It's in the game options and it's quite useful if you don't want to go too far back to an older save. Personally, i use a quicksave if i believe that the next turn will be too risky.

It surprises me that these glitches are still around. Never had any such problem in 1.13 myself. I hope that one of the coders/moders, with the technical know how can provide more information.

[Updated on: Tue, 25 December 2018 18:37]

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Try to hurt Manuel and heal in Cambria hospital, that is perhaps the most "powerful" in game accessible option
with right to affect animation, although i dont have high expectation it helps.

Rebels may not be recruitable the normal way after dismiss,
but you can try to place Manuel on any map again via .lua script like Flugente did with his New (unofficial) merc: Max Payne.
Dld & extract character pack to neutral folder, backup desired saves and strategicEvendHandler.lua of game install,
open game's strategicEventHandler.lua with plain text editor, find section [Profil =] and add the line: [ Manuel = 229,] to its entries.
Open strategicEvendHandler.lua of character pack and copy Max's placement section (that should be lines 478 to 485) into game's strategicEvendHandler.lua,
in the related section headed by "function HandleEarlyMorningEvents()"
there change line [ if ( CheckMiscFlags1(Profil.MAX, Flag...] to if ( CheckMiscFlags1(Profil.MANUEL, Flag...],
if you also want him at a different place open desired map in game,
place cursor and hit [F] to get tile id requied for strategicInsertionData in the .lua script.

If for some reason, like dismissing rebels makes them count as dead, or code stores dismissed condition and expects it to be cleared but it is not
it does not work or other weird stuff happens, close program, restore original strategicEvendHandler.lua together with saves.

Aaand for the record, M.E.R.C. mercs do not refuse to be rehired once dimissed,
also they do not care about casualty respectively other ratings
or contract with third parties while they are still employed by the player,
which makes them, at least in my book , much more reliable than AIM mercs.
(I am not affiliated with M.E.R.C. or one of its staff in any way;)
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Once upon a time, back in '99, i didn't have enough money to pay the MERC mercs so they left. They refused to be rehired, even when i've had enough money. Maybe it has been fixed in 1.13 but in the old, original game, before patches and all, they refused to be rehired once they had left on their own. And that getting up and leave if they dislike someone or don't get paid..... Unreliable. Not so with the AIM mercs though. Once you have the money they will accept to work for you again, even if they want to be "incommunicado" for a while. And they don't leave if they dislike someone, not until the contract's over or some other solution has been found. That makes them VERY reliable, no surprises there.

Just another old soldier.
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