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Registered:March 2013
I want to make Skyrider minimod for VR (Vengeance: Reloaded) for personal use.
VR is MOD describing events taking place some time later after vanilla time (Rebels Revolution).
I want to change Skyrider quest so that Skyrider comes himself to airport after Drassen is libirated. That suits well the concept of VR.
Technically I need to bypass the whole quest and:
if condition: Drassen_Liberated = 100%
1. trigger Skyrider first strategic speech + trigger Skyrider quest = sucsessfull
2. spawn Skyrider at B13 at vanilla spot on next map reload
3. make heli available
I know absolutely nothing about editing quests.
I. Can I do described above with text editing?
II. Can you give hints upon files & code needed?
Help appreciated!
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Registered:December 2007
Location: Baltic Sea, Germany
Hello No-Nothing,

interesting idea, but not possible without source code changes.

In Quests.c
After the case FACT_ESCORTING_SKYRIDER the case FACT_SKYRIDER_CLOSE_TO_CHOPPER must also be true to get use of the helicopter.

In Quests.h
Means you probably have to change QUEST_ESCORT_SKYRIDER and the two facts: FACT_ESCORTING_SKYRIDER and FACT_SKYRIDER_CLOSE_TO_CHOPPER and FACT_SKYRIDER_EVER_ESCORTED I think to something else.

To something like:

When FACT_DRASSEN_LIBERATED = TRUE the (changed) Escort Skyrider quest must be active/finished and Skyrider must appear in B13 best stands close to chopper and starts with his dialogue after talking to him:

There's my baby. She looks just fine, Cap. We're in business...

Just raw thoughts. Unfortunately I'm not a coder so I can not help you in this regard. Sorry.
I'm always interested to see any new/changed quests apart from the vanilla game/story.

Best regards; Schein...

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"a mod is never finished, only releasable"

.- Will Gates

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Registered:December 2017
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1st note its only a theory, I am also not a coder, though use .lua scripts to mod Wizardry 8.

In Ja2 1.13 entities can be placed in a sector via .lua script,
like Flugente did via strategicEventHandler.lua with his additional merc Max Payne, find a dld link here.
Notepad++, scite, phase5 etc can compare the packs .lua scripts with those of vanilla 1.13, or VR, to easily find the section which adds Max in San Mona.
Ofc the .exe of VR must support this fuction! Else stop reading and forget it.

Quick check of .lua scripts, in a 1.13 r8006 install on this rarely_used_for_gaming machine,
shows that the commands "checkFact" and "setFactTrue/False" exist, which should cover all required fact related stuff,
only issue i can see is how to either suppress Skyriders presence in the 4 random sectors,
or bring him into a state where he has left the sector but is neither part of players teams or already at the airport,
i.e. how to "park" him until he is ready to appear ner the chopper.

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