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Question about Armor calculation and stats[message #357573] Thu, 20 June 2019 01:41 Go to next message
Registered:June 2019
Hiho @all!

I hope this is the right place to ask my question about JA2 1.13.
After a thousand years a started to play JA2 again (because of the lack of good new turnbased games),
and it's still a hell of fun (didn't expect that i have to admit after all this years).

But there's one thing i just can't figure out, even google & co didn't have an answer for me as far as i can see:
How does the armor calculation work? What exactly do the different values for armor mean?

I attached an image as example, a worn Twaron-vest, the only armor the merc is wearing there.

Now there a the following values:
- Condition: (74% (91%))-> Check!
- Protection: 12% -> What exatcly does this mean and how is it calulated?
- Protection value 20/28 -> Check (i guess), the damage absorbed by the armor (as statet in the detailed description), current value (condition * max) and max value
- Mercs overall armor-protection: 18% -> How is this calculated and what does this mean?

For comparsion i attached antother image with a worn spectra vest, again the merc's only wearing that vest.
This vest has the exact same protection value (current) of 20, but a percentage-protection of 13%, and the merc has an
overall protecion of 21%.

I just don't get it with these different percentage-protection-values and how they get calculated.

Does anybody understand this (i'm sure some guys here do) and could give me a hint? That would be nice!
Thanks a lot in advance!!

PS: Since i'm not allowed to post links yet nor upload attachments: Here are the written values of the vests
i mentioned:

Twaron Vest [74%(91%)]
Protection 12% (20/28)
Merc's overall armor (only wearing this vest): 18%

Spectra Vest [70%]
Protection 13% (20/29)
Merc's overall armor (only wearing this vest): 21%
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Registered:May 2009
Better forget about the "Armor Protection" percentage values. These are an ancient relic from the original game. They basically show how good the current armor is compared to the "best" armor that was available at that time (treated Spectra armor + ceramic plates). For example my merc currently has:

Treated Spectra Helmet = 14%
Treated Spectra Vest + Ceramic Plates = 64%
Spectra Pants + Leg Protectors = 24%

14 + 64 + 24 = 102% Armor Protection *woohoo* useless information...

The only important information about armor is:

- the fixed protection value of the armor piece because that value is used to absorb damage (higher is better)
- the coverage of the armor piece because that tells how likely it is to get around said armor (higher is better, 100% would be best)

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Re: Question about Armor calculation and stats[message #357577 is a reply to message #357576] Thu, 20 June 2019 18:54 Go to previous message
Registered:June 2019
Hey silversurfer,

thanks a lot for your answer! Good news (since i thought i'm getting a little dumb cause i couldn't figure it out
on my own ;) )

So - as an example - there isn't any difference in current protection (damage absorbtion) between a vest X (20/22) and a vest Y (20/29) with it's current condition?
(Despite that there may be a difference in body-coverage)

Again, Thanks!
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