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Vehicles have 39 spaces for cargo. Each space can hold a "TT 3-Day Pack" (TT3DP).

Each TT3DP has:
3 "combat pack" slots
1 small slot
1 belt clip slot

(Most rifles can fit into a combat pack slot. Larger weapons like sniper rifles cannot.)

That means that a vehicle can tote (39 x 3) 117 average-sized rifles.

But wait, there's more....

You can stack up to 4 TT3DPs per vehicle slot. So quadruple that number--and you can pack 4 filled TT3DPs into an empty ARUC or TIMS backpack. That's an additional 4 TT3DPs per mercenary: so 12 (4 slots per backpack x 3 rifles per TT3DP) more average-sized rifles. With 6 mercs per vehicle, that's an additional 72 (12 x 6) average-sized rifles.

TL;DR: using this stacking method, each vehicle can tote 468 (117 x 4) average-sized rifles, plus 6 mercs each carrying a combined 72 rifles. That yields a grand total of 540 average-sized rifles per vehicle--not including hand slots or the weapon slot just below the body.

Further, each TT3DP slot can usually store multiple armor items, e.g. Twaron Helmets, Guardian Vests, etc.

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Sounds about right. big grin


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Just for the record, you can put all those 540 med sized rifles, and more, in a single truck slot! :D
E.g. an aruc fits into the pocket of another aruc as long as only 50% of its space is "fully" occupied.
(it appears the game takes item size into account so e.g. 4 smoke grenades spread over 4 slots count as only 1 big slot fully occupied)
btw "and you can pack 4 filled TT3DPs into an empty ARUC or TIMS backpack"
did not work the time i did such stuff, only 2 filled tt3d's would fit, but perhaps that was changed somehow?

Anyway, put 2 rifles in an aruc and put that, together with a similar pack, into an aruc.
2 of those arucs fit ino another, together with a twin, and so on.
The limt is determined only by the number of available arucs respectively lbe.
Needless to say that the game may get confused by all the matryoshkas and mix up the content of containers,
you may find yourself in a situation where all lbe now contain an identical set of items,
or even worse, appear to have, based on the blue asterisk, items inside when you take them out of that higher order backpack,
but when you look inside the items magically vanished, and with it the blue asterisk when you close the bag.

Looks like we need cars with cargo weight related fuel consumption and wear,
probably also a load limit for the heli to take off, ... :D
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