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What's the best music option to use for JA1?[message #357682] Wed, 24 July 2019 08:26
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I currently have it set to Roland MT-32, as it does sound the most atmospheric.

However, some DOS games have their music specifically composed for a certain soundcard option, with which they will sound best in / the way the composer intended the music to sound like.

Sierra DOS Games all have their music specifically composed for Roland MT-32, same for Monkey Island 1&2.
Prince of Persia 2 and UFO Enemy Unknown are best with the Sound Blaster 16 setting.
Terror from the Deep has its music composed for Gravis Ultrasound.

On JA1 I can't find any info on the internet though, what the optimal setting would be other than the "whatever sounds best to you" answer.

From comparing the SoundBlaster16 / GUS / Roland MT-32 / General Midi setting.
GM with the Microsoft GS WaveTable Synth and Roland MT-32 sounded the "best", due to their reverb effect enhancing the music, with Roland MT-32 having the more pleasant and realistic sounding instruments.

What's your favourite setting to use?
And what option do you think the music was composed/most optimized for?
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