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I am currently playing VR with the food system enabled and noticed that percentage values are from 0%-125% not as described in the op. Mercs get hungry around 85 odd percent and stat loss occurs soon after 70 odd percent iirc. Also I am unable to restore lost stats as of yet with a paramedic IMP with 70+medical. I tried the doc at the field hospital too he says assistance is not needed so am stuck with reduced strenght for the moment.
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@ Greyfoot

I have never used this system. But Flugente has posted what SHOULD matter here. First, you must continue to keep these individuals well-fed. A Doctor can restore lost stats, but this can be hard for a couple of reasons, I'll explain.

First, you may be poisoned, and poison tends to reassert itself periodically. In the past, I tried this with diseases, and it was a real pain. Also, now the Doctoring will first try and fix any lost health, etc. Then it will try to repair your stats. So, if you are not perfectly healthy, you won't get to restore Stats. So if you are poisoned and that ticks you down even 1 point of health before you can max out and restore a Stat ... well you will never restore the stat. Now, I'm presuming that isn't supposed to happen and also that a hospital will boost significantly the healing. But, understand. If you are poisoned, it is a race between healing a character with full health then next round Stats, versus poisoning to reduce the one health. Plus you have to remain well-fed.

Other than that I don't know the mechanics well enough since I never used it and am behind the times in how it may have changed since I last looked at it. But those are my suggestions.

As food gets old, it can go bad, which can poison. I am not sure how you check for that, or if it is shown anywhere. Good luck.

Also keep in mind there may be special facilities in each strategic grid area which may allow for different effects. Best to check their options out and see if you can then achieve a success that way.
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