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Seems like an incorrect installation. I just started the game, killed every soldier in A9 and Fatima and her boy were right in the middle building. Using r8692 but that shouldn't make a difference because there were no changes to NPCs in the newer revisions.

Wildfire Maps Mod 6.07 on SVN: https://ja2svn.mooo.com/source/ja2/branches/Wanne/JA2%201.13%20Wildfire%206.06%20-%20Maps%20MOD

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Yup, reinstalling fixed it... kinda. Fatima is there, but I still get german dialogue text, with english audio. Doesn't bother me too much, since I am german .

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A very strange problem I've not seen before. V8684

Captured the central SAM (I8). Saved the game, then went to strategic map. The cutscene offer popped up and the minimap went black. I skipped the cutscene and the minimap stayed black. Odd. I went to another sector and that minimap was also black...and all the inventory had disappeared. Returning back to I8 and that inventory had disappeared too.

Reloaded the game prior to the cutscene offer and this time I accepted the video. On exiting, the minimap was lit up as normal and all inventories were present.

Tried a third time, this time before the cutscene was offered, I loaded another sector (G9 where all my stuff is...), popped back to the strategic map and skipped the cutscene when offered. The minimaps and inventories were all present as normal.

I'm fairly sure all my files are up to date but any idea which files are relevant to this event?

I'm waiting for another cutscene event to see if something similar happens.


Another unrelated bug. I've seen it in this version and earlier versions.

A squad arrived in a sector at the same time as an attack by the enemy in a different sector. The remote sector battle (just militia vs enemy) goes to auto battle. When it finishes, I get a 'creature' battle in sector A1 with zero combatants. (Creatures are disabled in my games). The game then locks out and/or crashes. The last time it happened, I managed to use an earlier save and delay the arrival of my squad and no such event happened.

Possibly after the auto battle, the game has incorrect values for the squad arrival and it gets interpreted as a battle. I almost never visit A1.

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