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Missing Traits when "MERCS_RANDOM_STATS" is set to full randomization[message #357959] Sat, 24 August 2019 11:33 Go to next message
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Hi! I noticed that when you set MERCS_RANDOM_STATS to 4 (full randomization of mercs, including traits, gear kits and all statistics) in the INI Editor, certain traits are never selected. I think covert ops (and spy), radio operator and snitch are the missing traits. Is there a way to change this?

Many thanks for any help!

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Re: Missing Traits when "MERCS_RANDOM_STATS" is set to full randomization[message #358173 is a reply to message #357959] Thu, 03 October 2019 05:22 Go to previous messageGo to next message

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My guess as to why this happens is because all of these traits have been either created or revised by Flugente over the years and probably the randomization of stats is not aware of them or these changes so it does not select them. It would be a very easy thing to forget to revise the randomization choices, as it would not be in the mind of someone revising the various traits.

I'm afraid I do not know more than that. My guess, is that there must be a list of traits that can be selected in some file somewhere, and then that the randomizer will select (based on whatever rules and RNG) from that list of traits. It might then be as simple as just revising the traits available for randomization or it also might require some update to the Randomizer to read that list of traits correctly and then pick from them (as it might have a wrong domain size or whatever).

I'm sorry that I do not know where to look for these. There is some chance it might be an easy enough fix for any user to do, if the list of traits is in one file and easy to read with text names of each. But if the Randomizer itself needs updating, probably not so easy.

If you find a solution, please let me know. I can see where this would be very desirable to have.

As a workaround, I suppose you could do a randomization first in a game, then save that game. Then go ahead and write that file over the current merc files, forget how they are called. Then just hand place some of the key traits on some individuals, even if necessary just not looking at the names while you do it, picking a number as those files are numbered (like 44 or something is for Flo) and working it from there. Not as good, but it is a workaround. After you did that, you would again have to start a new game with the new merc lists for it to take effect, just don't randomize traits again in the new game, or you'll have to start over and not have the Covert Ops etc, as you wish.
Re: Missing Traits when "MERCS_RANDOM_STATS" is set to full randomization[message #358177 is a reply to message #358173] Thu, 03 October 2019 14:04 Go to previous message

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The missing traits have not been incorporated into random roles. The game only knows these roles:
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They get certain stat ranges and traits assigned. The new traits covert ops, radio operator and snitch don't really fit any of these roles but could be assigned as secondaries like night ops, athletics and the like. Relevant functions are RandomizeMerc() and TestForTrait() in RandomMerc.cpp.

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