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Increasing enemy amount decreases enemy aggression[message #358065] Tue, 17 September 2019 17:49 Go to next message
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Ive come to a dead end while editing the amount of enemies in ja2 1.13.7609. My problem is that when i set MIN_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE to 64 and MAX_STRATEGIC_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE = to 64 or more, then the queen doesnt replace the patrols that move around omerta and drassen. I see this because i scouted from san mona/omerta drassen from day 1. Nothing happens. I moved and took over the airport and bar in drassen and still no patrols. But the counteroffensive happended when all of drassen was liberated. The fights play out nicely, there is no problem there, sometimes even 64 + 64 happy but then the other patrols on the map just dont want to move up north it seems.

I have changed the numbers in MIN_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE to 62 60 50 with same result. MIN_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE 40 and MAX_STRATEGIC_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE = 44 is the most amount of enemies where the patrols keep coming to try an retake omerta and move around in that area, that ive got so far. Ive also managed to get the more aggrssive behavior with MIN_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE 30 and 32, but not with 34 or 38 enemies. Lower than 30 enemies in MIN_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE worked fine too.

Ive changed other variables so it would contribute to overall incresead aggressivenss, however that hasnt done anything. These changes reamained the same while i tested diffrent amounts in MIN_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE. I have lowered BASE_DELAY_IN_MINUTES_BETWEEN_EVALUATIONS_INSANe = 60, unlimited enemy pool, ENEMY_STARTING_ALERT_LEVEL_INSANE = increased to 90, lowered ENEMY_ALERT_DECAY_INSANE = 10. I think you get the picture. But instead of mayhem in arulco i get farmville after 3 initiall fights or so. Any theories to why this lack of enemy agreesivenss when increasing enemy nr is occuring are welcome.

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Registered:September 2019
I've continued testing different values and MIN_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE 40 seem to be the magic nr if i want an agreesive AI that keeps resending its patrols. However when MAX_STRATEGIC_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE gets much higher than 44,like 80-99 then the patrols stop coming. Just changing these nrs meant small patrols and small garrisons, around 40 to 46 troops if MIN_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE 40 and MAX_STRATEGIC_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE 44.

To get around that i looked at Jagged Alliance 2 Gold\Data-1.13\TableData\Army \patrolgroups and \armycomposition. Easily edited with notepad, i started with army compostition since it determines the size of garrisons on the map. At first i went all in and upped the size of garrisons through out Arulco to 100+ enemies. When i tested after changing that nr to 100+ all garrisons where only 40. Thats when i realized that having nrs over 100 get reverted to MIN_ENEMY_GROUP_SIZE nummber. So i changed all \armycomposition numbers to 96 and changed all patrol size nrs to 100+ actually 142, but i dont think it matters as long as its above 100. And it worked. Patrols are 40 and garrisons are 96+ and they keep coming. The action is great and it keeps coming.

Hopefully this is helpfull for anyone wanting larger enemy groups which are and not all the same size.

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