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Location: Dallas, Texas
Howdy all:

I finally got a laptop to take on work trips. I instealled JA 1 and was wondering if there is a patch for JA 1.
I think there was one back in the day but I can not find it anywhere!!!

Any help would be greately appreciated.

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Registered:June 2003
Location: Germany
I found a patch (ja_113) here and a second patch (ja_111) here . Good luck and have fun!

Due the information given here ("added Jagged Alliance 1.13 (CD-version) - replaces ja111.zip", July 11th 1996) patch 1.13 is the latest one, making 1.11 obsolete!

JAGGED ALLIANCE : Version 1.13 Sep 08/95 Sir-tech Software Inc.

Changes/Corrections between versions 1.11 and 1.13

- Jagged Alliance is now using a later version of AIL (sound system) that
corrects a problem causing lockups with Sound Blaster 16 sound cards.

- You can now safely shoot past people near you (that aren't your target) if
they are not standing up fully (crouching, bandaging, horizontal).

- Small adjustment made to calculation of REPAIR merc's daily repair points,
making experience level a more significant factor.

- Increased the delay for cursor changing to a hand when positioned over an
item to 2 seconds to make it easier to avoid accidentally picking up
items during combat and wasting valuable APs.

- Corrected interpretation of 'E' and 'W' keys in the traversal direction
menu (these had been previously been reversed).

- Certain enemy bombs that weren't being activated before now are.

- Fixed problem with mercs traversing while still on route to a destination.

- Stealth movement has been changed so that most mercs are considerably more
successful than before.

- We have now added control for the user to decide if he/she wants to quick
save during combat (the default is "no" meaning you can only do a
quick save when there are NO enemies present or when you exit the
game). If you start a new game, you will now be asked (after selecting
your difficulty level) what your preference is.

To change a game in progress, start up JA using the parameter
"ALLOWSAVE" as in:


You will then see a notice warning you that this change to your game
cannot be undone.

Additional Notes
- Make sure you have your maximum open DOS files set to at least 20 in your
CONFIG.SYS file (ie. you have a line such as "FILES=20" there).
Running with the DOS default of only 8 or so is likely to cause
miscellaneous problems during both the introduction and play.

- If you find that the game does not respond to any keyboard input (such as
the 'C' key to compress time, or ALT-X to exit), your hardware
configuration probably requires a keyboard reset. Start the game
by typing "JA RESET" instead of just "JA" (with 4MB RAM, use
"JAVM RESET" instead of "JAVM"). You may want to make a DOS batch
file to do this for you in the future...

Enhancements between v1.00 and v1.11
- Pressing the 'V' key in either the regular playing screen, in the "office"
screen, or the A.I.M screen will display a message showing the version
number of your copy of Jagged Alliance.

- Individual first-aid kits, medical kits, tool kits, and locksmith's kits can
now be "combined" by merging them together in the hand position.
If the combined percentage status is 100% or less, a single kit is
created from two, and its status becomes the combined percentage
status of the source kits. If the combined status is greater than
100%, one kit is "refilled" to 100%, the other is reduced by an equal
amount (retaining the over-100% status portion).

- Left-clicking on an merc's inventory slot with multiple items in it while
holding down the CTRL key will now "rotate" the positions of the
items in the pocket. This can be used to review the working
conditions of multiple grenades, canteens, etc. Also, it can be used
to select which particular item gets used/thrown/picked up/discarded,
since it is now the item whose status is being shown that is "active".
(This will work both inside the inventory screen & on the selected
merc's inventory bar at the bottom of the screen).

- Mercs on REPAIR will now also repair ALL items in a pocket holding multiple
repairable items in need of repair, not just one per each pocket.

- The inventory pool (in the morning assignment screen) now scrolls down 4
items at a time rather than 1 for quicker browsing.

- Multiple canteens in one pocket as well as all canteens in the inventory
pool are now being refilled (status back to 100%) every morning.
Also, they are now refilled BEFORE team is sent into the field, and
are thus already full when assigning mercs' GEAR in the morning.

- A mercenary assigned as a DOCTOR for the day is now also treated as another
PATIENT, so that a second (superior) DOCTOR can also help him heal.

- In the inventory screens, if you are holding several (groupable) items in
the hand cursor and attempt to add them to a pocket with the same type
of item that has some room, but not enough room to add all of them,
then just enough items will be transferred to the pocket to fill it

- Sniper scopes, goggles, and tool kits now have their condition "spoken" by
the "narrator's" voice when right-clicked on in inventory screens.

Changes between v1.00 and v1.11

- Program now requires a minimum of 5 MB free disk space. This has been done
as a safety measure to preserve the integrity of your game. Jagged Alliance
uses temporary disk space to keep track of items and changes to the terrain;
also, not having enough disk space to save your game would be very

- Canteens no longer disapear when emptied.

- The calculation of the "fatality rate" for A.I.M. hiring purposes has been
altered quite significantly, and is no longer influenced by how many
mercs in total have been hired, only by # of merc deaths over time.

- Formula to calculate # of natives available has been adjusted, resulting
in fewer natives being available later on in the game. Too many
natives were available at the later stages of the game, this change
attempts to make guard management and natives' daily salary increases
more important and challenging strategic aspects. If, after applying
the patch, natives and/or guards quit on you the next morning, this
is the cause and does not imply that you've made any big mistakes.
You will need to raise the natives' salary to attract them back.

- Each merc will now need 5 AP to traverse and it will take 1 turn's time.

- Fired mercenaries who had worked for you for a fairly long time are now much
less likely to feel slighted and go complain to other A.I.M. members.

- Explosives planted during "real-time" will now explode a lot faster.

- The number of medical and first aid kits in the later stages of the game
has been increased somewhat.

- Relocated guards that arrive in the mercs' current sector while there
are no enemies in the sector (ie. during real-time mode) will now
immediately start to move and spread out across the sector instead of
just standing at the edge for quite a while before moving somewhere.

- Mercs performing first aid now gain a modest amount of breath rather than
getting more tired during the process.

- Avg health in A.I.M.'s INFO screen is now based on MAX health, not current.

- In the morning "island" screen, the new size of the native workers pool
is calculated and updated on the screen BEFORE Jack/Brenda speak
rather than AFTER.

- "Items in pocket / Maximum possible items in pocket" is no longer displayed
in the inventory box for any items. Now used strictly to display
ammunition in guns and cameras.

- Ice's "something-bad-just-happened" speech sound has been amplified to be
more audible.

Corrections between v1.00 and v1.11

- Keyboard is no longer "reset" upon start-up since this confuses some
keyboards and causes them to stop functioning.

- Problem with enemies knocked down to the ground sometimes prolonging the
opponent's turn has been fixed.

- Enemies would have a hard time shooting through doorways in certain angles
while mercs could. This has been fixed.

- Problem with mercs hit in water causing terrain-area cursor to disappear
has been fixed.

- Enemies would, in certain rare circumstances, decide to (quite suicidally)
walk right up beside a merc without attacking him in any way. This
should no longer happen.

- Enemies would, in certain conditions, fire at the same time as another
enemy. This has been fixed.

- Fixed a problem whereby there would be no cursor for a while if your
last merc died.

- Fixed a few line-of-sight problems through walls.

- If you own a linked plant that's undergoing repairs, Jack will no longer
complain in the morning about running at/near processing capacity and
urge you to go get another plant (when you've already done it).

- Fixed a problem where mercs weren't always "looking" when you told them to.

- Misc. problems with bomb-placing animations have been fixed.

- Problem with live explosives sometimes not going off after they stop
ticking has been fixed.

- Relocating guards in the merc's current sector when tappers are also present
in the sector no longer erroneously removes one tapper in place of
one of the guards.

- A bug which could in certain circumstances cause the last (5th) key in a
pocket full of keys to become useless and unable to open its matching
door was fixed.

- Graphic glitch with several of the notes found having a small black strip
along right edge when viewed has been fixed.

- Cliff Highball's order-confirming and "something-good-just-happened" speech
sounds are now correct.

- A minor bug in the prediction of the Action Point costs for throwing
"tossable" items such as grenades in a direction other than the one
the merc is currently facing has been fixed. The minimum projected
AP cost was sometimes 1 pt. higher than the cost that would actually
get deducted from the merc when the object was thrown. It now no
longer costs any extra AP to throw objects (the cost is already high
enough anyways!) in the direction that you are NOT facing, so
this problem will no longer occur.

- Various minor color palette glitches when shading the screen were fixed.

Corrections/Clarifications to Game Manual/Reference Card

- The keys listed for control of MUSIC and SOUND FX volumes via keyboard are
actually reversed: '-' and '+' control MUSIC volume, ',' and '.'
control SOUND FX volume.

- To drink, click on the head portion of the merc's silhouette in the
inventory screen rather than his portrait.

- When in the morning's inventory assignment screen, pressing the 'E' key on
the keyboard will empty the shown merc's inventory and dump all his
items into the common inventory pool.

- Although extra vests can not be carried inside another vest's pockets (even
if both vests are empty), they CAN be carried in a merc's hand or
secondary hand positions.

- The F9 key tells how many enemies are visible to the currently selected
merc, and the display adjusts to show only those enemies. This is a
mode toggle, press F9 again to turn this mode off.

- Pressing the ENTER key (during combat situations) scrolls between all
visible enemies and briefly displays a red "beacon" over each one.
This helps to locate opponents obscured by terrain or doorways, etc.

- Flashing black/white dots in the overhead full sector view indicate the
locations of all known items in the sector.

- While "all-move" doesn't function in turn-based mode, holding down the
ALT key prevents the screen from relocating over to mercs as you
select them (via their portrait), so this is the next best method
of moving multiple mercs to the same area.

Additional Notes

- If you experience freeze-ups or crashes and have SMARTDRV or a memory
manager (e.g. QEMM, EMM386) loaded, try removing them...

Re: JA 1 Patch[message #47664] Sun, 09 April 2006 09:38 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Registered:March 2006
Location: Dallas, Texas
That did the trick!!!! THANKS!!!

I will update from verson 0 to 1.13 and skip 1.11 all together.

I think that should work fine.

Once again, thank you.
Re: JA 1 Patch[message #47665] Thu, 31 August 2006 08:34 Go to previous messageGo to next message

Registered:August 2006
Location: Isanti, MN, USA
this is great...i had been scouring for the patch to no avail as well. much thanks harper for findin it. but i was wondering, if you have the abandonware ripped version how would you go about getting rid of the cd check for 1.13? i tried changing the cd.rom file to 'C' n no luck there. is there maybe a cracked patch or no-cd patch for it? i found a no-cd patch for it here that claimed to be for all versions but i couldn't seem to get it to work. if anyone has ideas i'd be grateful to here em. much thanks all.
Re: JA 1 Patch[message #358656 is a reply to message #47663] Sat, 14 December 2019 21:51 Go to previous message
Registered:February 2017
hi. what you promise is amazing but links are empty/. is there any way to refind this stuff again? thank you.
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