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Registered:June 2019
Hello everyone,

I'd like to change the moment when Bobby Ray's homepage comes online. I'm not sure whether this is after liberating the first city or the first one with an airport by default.

Does anyone know how and where to change this setting?
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Registered:May 2009
Bobby Ray becomes available when you liberate the first shipping sector. In default 1.13 this can be Drassen or Meduna airport but you can mod other destinations. For example you can add sector A9 as shipping destination and have BR enabled as soon as you land there and win the initial battle.

Wildfire Maps Mod 6.07 on SVN: https://ja2svn.mooo.com/source/ja2/branches/Wanne/JA2%201.13%20Wildfire%206.06%20-%20Maps%20MOD

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Registered:June 2019
It worked! I definded a crate in A10 as a shipping destination and as soon as I enter this sector after the inital battle, I can have orders shipped there.

Very nice, thanks for the tip!
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Very cool question and answer. Thanks to both.

Do you have to actually have a crate on the map already placed to use this method, or does defining the location already place the crate once BR does its shipment drop?

In other words, do I have to use the Map Editor first and place a crate, or otherwise choose a map location with a crate pre-placed to use a sector as the new shipment location for BR.
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Location: Germany

The most prominent example for changed availability of Bobby Ray being online might be Arulco Revistited (AR) by JAsmine and Beka.

AR mod_settings.ini

;1st Airport. Used for leaving equipment on merc dismissal, dropped air raid feature & squad insertion gridno from heli

;2nd Airport. Not used, referenced for dropped air raid feature

[Bobby Ray]
;Bobby Ray stuff. ShippingDestinations.xml values also has to be set


Sector Y = 8 is H
Sector X = 6 is 6

therefore this is refering to Mapsector H6 which, on AR maps, is Estoni Airport.
For the AR maps this will result in Bobby Ray available after liberating Estoni Airport (this is added by AR maps and is not the Junkyard)


When you open the AR-map H6 with map-editor you can find a crate at GridNo 11609 (when hovering your mouse over grids in the bottom left of map-editor the number is shown)


Beside mod-settings.ini you also have to change TableData\Map\ShippingDestinations.xml and TableData\Map\DeliveryMethods.xml

AR Shipping Destination.xml


As you can see, same GridNo here

In Shipping Destination you define where stuff will be delivered to and which cities show up in scroll-down menu of destination
at Bobby ray websites order-form.

Delivery Methods define how much you have to pay for shipment to towns and the differences in payment for overnight express, 2 day
or standard delivery (therefore each city has to have entries in all three categories, take a look)


A very good example for what needs to be done is S&F Minimod by goc man, look here:



You can do both, place a new crate or use on existing one, what matters is that the gridNo is defined
in mod_settings.ini (for Bobby Ray) and ShippingDestinations.xml (for Bobby Ray and also for anywhere else you want
stuff to be delivered to). There has to be a crate at the defined GridNo otherwise you will have no place to pick it up.

[Updated on: Thu, 16 January 2020 14:09]

I need more details.

(Didi Hallervorden)
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