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Git vs Subversion[ 4 votes ]
1. Git 3 / 75%
2. Subversion 1 / 25%

Hi there,

please apologize for spamming this forum. This came from a very short discussion on discord.

I would propose to move the trunk code development from Subversion to Git.

  1. VS supports Git as part of the IDE. That way you can view changes in VS and have it more integrated. Merging is also simple and supported within the IDE.
  2. Git allows for distributed development, e.g. I can commit something already without pushing it to a central server, that allowing me to backup my changes locally and I can work on different branches without having to have write access to the svn server. This is helpful for first time contributors to a project to quickly start with modding themselves.
  3. Free hosting platforms (github) and tools (gitlab) exists that support contributing. Reviewing code is easy, and forking as well as pull requests allow for a standardize way to contribute (no patch sending via pm etc..).
  4. Thanks to aimnas we already have a working git repo that is almost ready to use, only a .gitignore is missing as well as users and permissions.
  1. Git is different, a tad more complex and one needs to learn it (svn: commit; git: staging,commit,push).
  2. While one can also move the assets parts to git/github, I wouldn't do that yet as many modders use SVN as a free form binary data storage. I would only concentrate on the code right now, meaning people still need a subversion client for downloading asset files.
  3. Git is a newer tool, and if you have an extremely old machine, maybe git doesn't work there while subversion would. (are you allowed to use internet with that machine though?)
  4. While trunk is already on git as a mirror, any code branches stored somewhere on Subversion are not. One would need to migrate those manually.
Please vote what you think makes more sense.

Disclaimer: Since I neither have access to the current Subversion nor represent any of the coders here on JA1.13 this poll might have no consequences what so ever and changes might or might not occur, regardless of any poll results. I can help with github related tasks but my knowledge about Subversion -> Git converter are theoretical at best.

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment down below shy
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