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I have been making a Let's Play of this mod, since it seemed to be the closest thing to the fun of the original JA2 without all the massive, overbearing busywork of 1.13. I have finished the original JA2 4 times in the past, with 3 of those on Expert mode.

There seems to be something deeply wrong with the progression on this mod. Or maybe I am missing a setting or something...

It is day 12, I have Drassen and the SAM site and I am half way through taking Cambria. I am seeing:

1) Teams of blackshirts roaming the countryside.
2) Redshirts playing like Blackshirts, throwing lots of grenades, aiming for the head constantly, keeping their distance... and this leads into...
3) Insane levels of equipment. I am seeing redshirts in Cambria with full spectra and/or guardian vests. All assault weapons, with hollowpoint or AP. Bountiful grenades and the insanity of it is only slightly offset by the odd guy who still has a minimum of a top of the line SMG.

Weirdly, in Drassen, everyone was a greenshirt (admin) which was also odd, but after clearing them up after expecting mostly redshirts in Drassen (this was on the first day) the enemy, patrols, in towns, wherever have mostly been packing end game level gear you'd expect to see after taking at least 2-3 towns and having completed most of the game.

I found an ancient thread here where someone brought up similar findings, but it was dismissed as congnative bias...

Other than this mod, is there a way to get a v1.12 experience on Windows 10? It's not really playable with insanity equipment from the offset, without massively cheesing the game...
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That's sounds ludicrous, so no wonder it was dismissed before -- it works for most people just fine. What version of the game do you have? Did you change any files? Please open an issue on the tracker, since we visit the forum rarely.

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I have gotten the classic version of the game on steam and that has been totally fine. It was provided by a fan after watching me play the Straccaitella version of JA2, which I installed directly from the website with no changes to any of the files.

Maybe what happened could be described as improved A.I. and bad luck, but it made for really poor gameplay for me. So I am back to playing the classic game and it's been much more fun. Red shirts are stupid again. No blackshirt teams stalking drassen 3 days in and I am not seeing spectra redshirts with ample H&K G3A3's and M21's in cambria mine.

Grenades are now a thing that happens now and then, not whenever you have 2 people next to each other and an enemy anywhere near by.

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