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I'm a big fan of Jagged Alliance 2 like many of you, but I'm also a longtime tabletop gamer who would like to create a campaign based of the classic game. So unlike the limitations the computer game has I'd like to include things players would want and enjoy. I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas so please share.

Not sure where to post this with the way things are these days, but here are some questions to inspire you, but please share what you think you'd like to see in a JA2 inspired roleplay game.

1.What kind of prelude to the main mission would you like to see? I'm sure there are more interesting ways to recruit mercenaries then just calling them. I'm thinking there might be a mission where people recon the island before arriving in force. Meeting with an arms dealer. Also running into some of the Queen's spies or assassins before heading off to the island.

2.Do you like the original plot? What would you add or remove from the story? I know Wild Fire includes drug dealing, but I'm sure there is room for things like money laundering, smuggling of gems, and human trafficking to name a few things.

3.What were your favorite side quests? What additional ones would you like to see?

4.While I intend for players to create their own characters, what mercenaries/characters would you include and how shall they play a part in the story? They might have different roles.

5.Have some favorite mod characters or ones you think should be there? Have a favorite IMP created soldier you'd like to share?

6.Thoughts on the Queen's Army? Both Red shirts and black shirt elites. What about their leadership? The military is supposed to be large but how many? Am I alone thing there should be a national police force too. Perhaps a border force or navy as well? I'm thinking of creating certain units with their own reputations.

7.What other bad guys would you like to see besides the Queen, Kingpin, and the terrorists? The Queen's wealthy friends might include some interesting people, and perhaps some of them are willing to take up arms to defend their idea of paradise or at the very least hire mercs of their own. What are your thoughts on militia? I know most people don't like them, but what about changing their role in the story? I also plan to expand the role of the natives who I think would be good scouts.

8.What else is going on in Kingpin's part of the world besides the extreme fighting and murder for hire? What else is happening in that town?

9.Realistic only or add the science fiction elements? I like the big bugs but are they the only thing on the island? I always figured when word leaked out the CIA or someone else would be looking to capture some. The blood cats are a must in my mind and how they randomly show up. Maybe there is a reason they're so aggressive and aren't afraid of humans.

10.What era would you like to play the game in? Now the classic game takes place in the fictional 1990's and I like the setting, but I also like playing in the period between World Wars or just after World War 2. What about yourself? I know people have had ideas on the forums.

11.What roleplay games do you like play? Have some favorite tabletop military style combat games you like?

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Interesting idea. What system would you use?

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I just recently bought Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes...but have others. I would run it with the players first performing recon as Spies/Private investigators and then later operating as spies and mercenaries as they raise a resistance.

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