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Generate campaign - enemy equipment evolving[message #361072] Mon, 31 August 2020 13:24
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I have played the campaign on Deadly Games 1.13 (I guess - on GOG) on following settings:

Generate campaign (Meaning that the objectives and loot drops are random.)
Infinite time
wimpy / easy enemies
Great equipment
Generous Funds

At first it is so cool when the enemies only have .38 or .45 pistols. I cannot find any ammo for my M16s or even .357 Magnums after I spend all those I had in the start inventory. That means that soon I will run out of ammo and just use the same wimpy guns my enemies are using. However, the enemy equipment is evolving. Five missions into the campaign I hear the enemy wimps using Magnums. Ten missions into the campaign they have uzis. At around 25th mission they are equipped with M16s and mortars. They still are wimpy or easy in terms of hp points (starting as poor or healthy), but the equipment evolves. I don't like that. Is there anything to do to make them stick with the .38s or .45s all campaign long? (Yeah, its easier to play, but I like to think that every 5.56 round is valuable, and with wimpy enemies one shouldn't find that ammo anywhere but from Mickey or random places.) The coolest would be that the enemies were strong in health sense but just used low power weapons.

Is there anything to do to make them stick with the .38s or .45s all campaign long?

I hope you understood what I asked.


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