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Carmen Dancio[message #361349] Mon, 21 September 2020 19:57
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I have played the vanilla JA2 1.12, and am currently in the version JA2 1.13 with "Tons o' Guns".
(I can't remember if I selected "drop everything" for enemies.)
I have arrived in SW Cambria (G9) and encountered Carmen Dancio.

I have gotten few rifles by Day 9 (as expected).
In each fire-fight Redemies drop several pistols and few if any rifles, though much ammo.
In F9 I ran into Chris "The Imposter", and killed him and got his AK-74.
In G8 I ran into Annie MOM and on killing her I got her G3A3.

Carmen has a FAMAS, a very nice rifle, but he's very tough to kill.
Is there just some people I'm NOT SUPPOSED TO KILL? Is Carmen "inviolate"?

I have gotten a couple AKS-74U's, an SKS with 7.62 ammo, one Mini-14, several SMG's of various types so that each of the 12 mercs has a gun that can out-range a pistol. It's not dreary or desperate, and I know north and east of Cambria most REDEMIES have pistols.

I just want to know if there are lines (within the game programming) one shouldn't cross.
On a CoVid-19 vacation.

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