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The robot gun code is broken in 8796 SCI, and I don't even know why, since AFAIK the robot code hasn't been changed since 3356 times?

Anyway, something happens (or rather doesn't happen) between the moment you give Madlab a gun et the moment the robot is ready: The resulting robot is heavily confused about which ammo it needs and how to handle it.

The story:
I gave Madlab a 12.7mm rifle, to improve the robot's abysmal capacities (can't hit the side of a barn). After waiting one day and getting the robot, I tried to reload the gun with a clip of 12.7mm, and got a "The robot needs 0 caliber ammunition" error message - yet the clip disappeared. I tried again to reload, same thing. Eventually I ran out of 12.7mm clips...

The gun I had given it was made by me and worked, but just to be sure I tried again, this time giving Madlab a simple vanilla 7.62mm rifle, and the resulting robot accepted a 7.62 clip ("the robot reloads"), but this time the clip I used was not consumed (the merc had it still in his hand)!

I tried a third time, again with the initial new 12.7mm gun, and this time it worked, I was able to reload the gun normally ("the robot reloads"). But it also accepts other caliber clips, and they disappear after the attempt, despite giving me an error message about it being the wrong caliber... Oh well, at least this doesn't prevent you from playing.

Clearly the problem is random and results in the final robot either:
  • Not accepting ammunition with the cryptic "The robot needs 0 caliber ammunition" error message, yet the clip still being consumed

  • Accepting the right ammunition as expected, but the feeding clip is not being consumed

  • Accepting the right ammunition as expected, any wrong ammunition being consumed, despite being identified as wrong. Clearly a mix of the previous two cases...

If somebody were so kind to check what has been broken in the robot assembly line... All I know is that in 3356 this still worked fine.

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