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Multiplayer Test - Features Working and Bugs(Build 3900DE)[message #361670] Mon, 26 October 2020 19:35

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Because I am playtesting the newest Build 3900(DE) right now(2 Players).
I list here the bugs/features, which I spotted, to generate a more or less complete Featurelist in the end.
Please write some comments regarding the bugs/features, so I can check, if it is a common problem, or if it is just me ;)

Features Working:
- Connecting with another Player
- Sync of data while playing
- PlayerMovement
- AI Movement
- Player Shooting
- AI Shooting
- A.I.M.
- Leaping over fences
- ActionPointSystem
- Healthpoints

Features Missing:
- Climbing on Rooftops(wasn't it implemented some revisions ago?)
- Putting something in the inventory when taking something (tested with Crowbar in Omerta)
- EMail folder is empty
- Just "Battles" are working
- Time is not elapsing
- No Merc is on Duty
- Mercs have different prices (not syncing between Players)
- Multiplayer retry. If connection is lost, it goes to the main menu straight away.

- Client: Mouse is lagging (not visible on Server side)
- Server/Client: Ghost Movements (Matrix style: Person of the other Player walks the same path twice)
- Server: Scrolling Graphic distortion
- Loading a Game freezes the Game of the Client (Server is okay), disconnecting does not help, or it shows an error(corrupted file)
- Switching into Background -> Music is playing, game freezes
- Video: Music/Sound is playing, but the screen remains black
- Option Menu is not responding, and wrong MouseIcon, when Ammunition in hand, and Game ended(all enemies destroyed)
- Sync Error: Server: Enemy on the ground, Client: still standing, after critical hit(no idea how to reproduce)

That is all for now. Please write, if I should add a point, or test specific scenarios.


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