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Right now, every time your covert merc(s) cross an enemy-occupied sector, you get credited a defeat, and general morale keeps plummeting until you eventually get thrown out of Arulco in tar et feathers...
That is definitely not right, and makes a covert ops game totally unfeasible. speechless

How to fix this? Well, how could the game know it is a covert operation, as opposed to cowardly fighters trying to not get noticed? I have to admit it can't really, I would even say that the only proper way to do so would be a total overhaul of the current victory-defeat system.

Here is a suggestion: Award victory points by comparing the fatalities and the sector ownership:
  • Every side gets/loses 1 point for every wounded adversary, 3 points for every killed one.
  • Wounding a civilian is -5 point, killing one -10 points (for the player, the AI can't control itself).
  • Side which gains ownership of an unnamed sector after the fight gets 40 points, side which loses it gets -40 points. Only if ownership changes of course.
  • Named town sectors get a 100-points bonus. So conquering a town sector defended by 20 enemies yields 200 victory points, losing a town sector with no casualties costs you 140 points. Exceptions are the two Omerta sectors (no points awarded or lost).
  • Victory points are awarded according to the end result, which is calculated after one of the parties has no fighters alive (and free!) left in the sector.
  • 600 points for killing Deidranna, 100 for the bug queen, 50 for Kingpin, 5 for each of his assassins. 0 for the terrorists obviously (Arulcans don't care about them). The hillbillies count as a unnamed sector (enemies killed + 40 points).
As a result, you can have tiny 3-point victories (killed one guy), medium "ambushed in the wilderness by 20 enemies" 100-point victories, or huge 200 points "conquered a well-defended town sector" victories.

For every 200 victory points accumulated, you get the classic morale/reputation bonus you get nowadays for a victory. Meaning if you play a covert ops/terrorist game you'll have to assassinate 67 single enemies to gain a "major victory". Tedious, but doable.

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