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icon4.gif  Game forgets to start fights in town sectors[message #361902] Sat, 21 November 2020 17:53

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I've had this several times now (8915-2579):

Enemies invade one of my town sectors protected by militia (and mercs), while I'm otherwise occupied fighting, and hours, sometimes days later, I notice on the strategic map that there are enemies in one of my town sectors, now peacefully living together with my mercs and militia! Town loyalty is still 100%, it's like the enemies had never invaded.

I have to do something (like move a merc to or from that sector) for the game to reconsider, and notice there should be some fight taking place.

It seems the game doesn't keep track of combats starting when the player is already fighting one, it just forgets about them. Which, with all those new occasions for enemy incursions, is a problem.
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