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In trunk r8956 and gamedir r2585, robots have been added as an optional new enemy type for use by the ASD added by Flugente (see http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=msg&th=22915). The rules for the ASD acquiring new robots are the same as jeeps and tanks.

Enemy robots can appear in enemy attacks, patrols, and garrisons, depending on your ASD settings and difficulty. They are autonomous LMG platforms, have 360-degree vision, are heavily armored (regular AP ammo will do very little damage, so bring explosives or .50 BMG!). Unlike jeeps and tanks, which are limited to at most 1 jeep or 1 tank per group, it is possible for multiple robots to be present in a single group, and even appear in the same group as a jeep or tank. They generally follow soldier AI, except that they won't seek cover and are incapable of climbing.

You can control whether robots appear in your game in JA2_Options.ini under [Strategic Additional Enemy AI Settings] and [Strategic Gameplay Settings]. By default, they appear between jeeps and tanks (progress 45) but are pricier than jeeps and consume no fuel. I haven't really done any thorough playtesting so I'm not sure how balanced the defaults are happy

Updating to r8956 will break your saves, and you will need to start a new game. EDIT: r8957+ will not break your saves, but robots will not appear in garrisons as that should be determined at campaign start. I still recommend starting a new campaign for the best experience.

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I think general rule in 1.13 is not to break savegame compatibility, so new version should be able to load older saves and correctly update data.

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