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why is it that sometimes when I go to some towns that have militia, when I go in tactical mode(not the big map mode), there are some enemies there, and they fight against the militia... wtf?
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It is the role of militia - they fight the enemy, but that is an obvious thing.

I understand your question. Usually, an enemy patrol shows up on the big map as a collection of red dots and when they enter the town it triggers a fight. If you aren't there, then it gets handled using the quick battle mode. But here there are enemies in the sector and no fight is happening until you go into the tactical screen.

The reason is that these are not tracked as regular enemy soldiers by the game. Enemy soldiers move around, so they are tracked on the strategic map.

But these are not enemy soldiers, they are hostile civilians.

Some civilians are automatically hostile (set to be on the Queen's side), while others (like the hicks and Kingpin's gooks in the original game) are neutral to begin with but may become hostile later.

These aren't tracked as enemys by the game, but are identified as enemies when that map is openned.

If there were no militia there it would work the same - you could pass through the sector on the strategic map without getting into a fight, but if you enter the tactical map you will have enemies present who will attack you.

But with militia present, they will get into the fight. If someone is hostile to you, they will be hostile to your militia as well (and your militia will be hostile to them). So there is a fight.

But only the queen's actual forces will trigger a battle in the strategic map screen.

This has some adverse consequences. You can use the sector normally and access inventory, without getting into a fight.

But let's say you have one merc in the sector with 20 trained militia. (I often do this with some key sectors. I have one merc sniper hold back with a good rifle and wound/kill enemy forces while they are busy fighting the militia).

And let's say there are 16 gunrunners in the sector (and they are hostile to you). There won't be a fight until you get into the tactical screen.

But if 14 enemy soldiers attack the sector, then your merc and 20 militia will be in a fight with 30 enemies.

I find the most annoying feature is that these enemies often respawn, so they will be back in full force the next time you go into the map.

(so if your merc and militia win after you lose 16 militia, and a second force of 6 enemy soldiers attack - you will have 1 merc and 4 militia up against 22 enemies. Ouch.)
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ahh i see
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