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Jagged Alliance 2 Urban Chaos Mod 2003.
Gameworld & Various Unresolved Issues.
README. Dated 23 October 2003.



Known Gameworld Problems.

Map N14 - Container Terminal.
You can only enter and leave this map using the edge teleport from M14.
You CANNOT use the interface map. If for any reason you leave the strategic N14 map your squad may become "lost". To access them again send at least one merc to that map then have all mercs there travel to M14 using the edge teleport. Also note that the helicopter will not land at this map. If anyone becomes trapped here ... send in at least one merc to get the rest out or as a last resort revert to a savegame before you entered N14.

Guns Wont Fire.
This is a problem where all fired weapons fail to work. Enemies shoulder weapons to aim but nothing happens. Knives, fists, grenades, LAWS, mortars all seem to work normally. Your enemy would most likely only use fists & knives. This was known to happen in H2 but may occur in other maps.
Cause .... excessive lights in front of vehicles which have been reduced in all maps so it may have been solved outright. This problem does not manifest in daylight hours 0700 - 2100.

Respawning Factions.
This is an ongoing problem which has been partially solved. Respawned factions only "come to life" if you enter the tactical "on the ground" screen. You can safely pass through by vehicle on foot or even land with the helicopter. You can also sleep, repair, heal, train ... but only using the interface screen. If you go to tactical ground level map any armed factions present will respawn & fight you. Cause is probably a population overrun bug not yet solved or properly understood.
A harm reduction program has been introduced to limit these effects so out of 15 maps most affected, 8 have had their faction removed or turned into civilians effectively eliminating respawning.
The other 7 have terrorists or Crepaton Corporation executives being escorted so the faction remains but tanks have either been eliminated or turned off priority exist in these maps to prevent them respawning.

Still Some Enemies Left Alive In City Sectors After Capture.
Generally most former JA2 maps where you can train militia have a problem where after defeating all enemies you still dont get a victory & the ability to train militia. You must leave the map, re-enter to fight typically 3-6 elites, though sometimes redshirts as well. These are usually found near the centre entry point. Once these are defeated the sector is finally & permanently conquered and no more respawning occurs. This happens only the first time you capture these sectors. JA2 city maps and SAM sites may be affected this way. Subways are not affected. This problem has been reported as fixed in all maps except I13 Troy formerly Alma. If at all possible make sure this sector in Troy is NOT the last of the 4 you capture. If it is try to leave the sector with your squad before the Queens cutscene .... soon as she finishes there is an instant enemy counterattack complete with respawning faction.

Port Kip Subway Described As Drake Subway In Tactical Map.
Due to Port Kip (San Mona) underground maps being unuseable, Port Kip Subway is located under Drake so JA2 automatically assigns it the name of the city above. Port Kip subway is your regular light blue coloured - concrete walls with the letters Port Kip clearly marked on each platform level.
Drake subway is all dark red brick. It can become confusing when you end up at a station called Drake when your sure you took the correct teleport from Galileo. There seems no way to overcome this problem so if you are at a subway with dark red brick walls ... it's Drake formerly the JA2 town of Grumm.

Troy Crepaton Regional HQ I13
This had major problem with unlimited respawning each time players were in the sector at ground level especially with re-invasions.
Effectively the faction guys assisted any re-invasion gauranteeing no militia force could ever win so if players helped militia by entering map at ground level they faced an instant faction presence plus the attacking patrol each time ... totally untennable situation so the faction guys were reduced hopefully eliminating this problem.

In maps where factions remain tanks were removed from priority exist so on any subsequent visit players wont face them a second time or maybe even the first time.

Shady (Arthur Bailey) Mercs For Hire Basement Map. G13_B2
After some fiddling the return to upstairs teleport now works properly .... if players exit one merc at a time. Using "squad out" they may still end up at Calisto Crepaton Plant D13. Also the "combat zone" warning is now gone when entering. To all effects it's an uncontested sector containing only Shady plus civilians & 3 mercenaries for hire.
Entry point is the stairs down in sector G9 at Galileo near centre of map in a courtyard.

Queen Bug Cave. F13_B3
After some fiddling the teleport going back up stairs works properly .... if players exit one merc at a time. Using "squad out" they still end up at Calisto Crepaton Plant D13.

Game Hangs During Queens Cutscenes.
This may occur during some cutscenes such as start of Sci-Fi quest and other scenes.
Press "Esc" key to return your game to normal operation. If the quest is scheduled to operate in UC it does so with no further problems or crashes.
Cause: Some speeches normally used for these scenes are not present or modifications to alter or remove quests are causing the neverending hour glass.
REMEMBER: Press Esc key if your game hangs during a Queens cutscene.

Science Fiction Option.
Place map J9_B1_a into your Talonsoft/JA2/Data/Maps folder to overwrite the default map.
This version has an extra teleport to a lower level subway tunnel which when entered triggers the sci-fi quest. You only need to take the stairs down from J9_B1_a to activate the sci-fi quest.
Note: If by some chance you start this quest AFTER Calisto (Drassen) mine has run out the Crepaton Plant manager may not announce "Plant Closed" from the usual interface screen but within 2-3 days Calisto will experience a sci-fi attack.
The quest works similarly to sci-fi option in JA2. An extra NPC becomes available at Calisto if this quest is triggered.

I will add more information over the next few days covering commonly asked questions regarding gameworld issues.
Please wait a day or so for the Sci-Fi option pack to become available.

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