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I love the Browning M1919 A6![message #175755] Sat, 16 February 2008 01:56 Go to next message

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"Like the textbook says, put this badboy behind cover with good fields of fire and watch your enemies turn into corpses."

I used to never bother with this weapon at all. I just equiped my mercs with RPKs that had all the important attachments on it. It worked extremely well for me, but I finally learned how to use the big guns!

I've noticed over time that the closer your merc is to death, the less AP is required in order to fire your weapon. I've figured out today that your merc dosen't necessairly have to be dying, having your "breath" meter at 50% or less works too.


My problem is that I treated the Browning M1919 A6 the same way I'd treat a shotgun or sniper rifle. At full health and standing upright, it takes about 20 AP in order to fire a single shot. The same character lying prone with half his breath meter depleted requires only 6 AP per burst!

I have Stogie punch Dr Q. until his breath meter is halfway depleted, and then send him out. That way, Dr.Q still has lots of health, but he'll be able to mow down enemies fast.

Any thoughts on this? What were your experiences with this weapon?

(Sorry if my post is a bit hard to read, I haven't been here in awhile).

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dont try your method in real life :diabolical:

but yes, iirc that Browning thing was too much even for Grizzly - of course he tried to hold it with one hand only...
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